Maeerxu XT4 Titanium 4000 lumens High Performance Flashlight

Maeerxu XT4 Titanium 4000 lumens High Performance Flashlight

The attractive design on the XT4 Titanium flashlight is very obvious, but it’s further enhanced with multiple options for LED emitter and the Titanium finish.

Two unique finishes are available, a natural titanium and a stone finish (shiny and matte) A titanium clip is also included to complete the look. A grid/square style knurling pattern provides a secure and firm grip.

LED options are extensive with either 4 x SST20 or 4 x 519A LEDs. Color temperatures range from 2700K to 5700K. Power is up to 4000 lumens via a newly designed reflector.

8 LEDs are used for the auxiliary lights, with 7 colors available give this a very exciting look with the smooth flow light effect.

In addition to this the XT4 offers multiple modes, a stepped simple mode and a step less dimming one. The advanced UI means you can also adjust the output and custom settings including the temperature control.

Power is via a 21700 rechargeable battery which has a large capacity of 5000mAh, this model also features reverse polarity protection, and low voltage warning. And a huge run time of up to 26 days (in the lowest output of 1%)

The XT4 is 114mm in length, and a diameter of 28.5mm and 130g weight, making it a good size for an EDC carry.

4000 lumens with a choice of LED Emitter

No question the 4 LEDs rated to 4000 lumens are powerful, but unlike many models the range of choices of the emitter are comprehensive. The popular 519A (with dome) with a choice of temperature... 3500K, 4500K and a cooler white 5700K.

SST-20 in a choice of 2700 K and 5000K. An optional XPL Hi can also be selected.Beam distance is around 200 metres at the highest output.3 strobe options a normal strobe, SOS and beacon mode.

If you want to turn up the visual appeal even more the auxiliary LEDs can be customized to the color display of your choice with 7 color options

Single switch with a choice of simple or ramped modes

The XT4 has great customization via the quality feel tail cap switch: you can use a pre-set simple mode with power levels ranging from 1%, 5%, 10%, 30%, 50% and 100% and Turbo, or a step less mode allowing you to adjust the level to your exact requirements.

Many modes are available, you can adjust the levels and pre set output stages or modify the moonlight output, customize the breathing lamp effect, adjust the colour ouptut of the Aux. LED’s, temperature adjustment. Full details are provided in the instructions

The base is made from copper with a new design for improved heat dissipation, a tempered glass cover resists impact damage and features an anti reflective coating. An O ring helps protect the flashlight from dirt and water.

Maeerxu XT4 Titanium Key Features

> 4 x LEDs with an output up to 4000 lumens (range of up to 200 metres)
3 strobe modes, normal strobe, beacon and SOS
> 114mm in length, and a diameter of 28.5mm and 130g weight
> Available in 2 distinct Titanium finishes (matte or shiny)
> Choice of LED emitters and color temperatures (from 2700K to 5700K)
> Special convex mirror for the LEDs (from Holland)
> 8 Auxillary LEDs with 7 different colors
> Run time up to 26 days (1% output)
> Powered via a 5000mAh high capacity 21700 Li-ion rechargeable battery
Custom UI can be very simple or adjusted to your own needs
Low battery/reverse polarity protection
Choice of step less or pre set power levels, with mode memory
Mood/Breathing modes
Copper base plate for improved thermal performance, hardened glass lens cover (with around 98% transmission)

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