Manker F14 Dual Beam 1250 Lumens Compact Flashlight

Manker F14 Dual Beam 1250 Lumens Compact Flashlight

Another new model from Manker, the F14 flashlight is a compact EDC high performance flashlight which has some interesting features.

It’s available in 2 colors Black and Army Green.With twin built in LEDs a Cool White (6500K) and high CRI Warm White (4000K).

Both flood and spotlight outputs are present, the Warm White has the wider beam with has a top output of 750 lumens, Spotlight beam is a Cool White with a top level of 520 lumens power, combined both Flood and Spotlight can reach 1250 lumens and a range of 268 metres.

A built in high capacity battery is rated to 1800mAh, giving a long run time up to 248 hours in the lowest mode (moonlight 1 lumen flood).

It’s charged via a type C charging port, and also supports a power bank function for emergency charging of a phone or other device.

Magnetic base means you can attach it to metal objects and use it as a working light. Or use the strong stainless steel clip for a pocket or jacket carry, or to clip onto a bag or backpack.

The body is made from Aerospace grade aluminum alloy, with a type III hardening to resist marks and damage, with the bezel and tail end made from engineering plastics. It’s IP65 water and dust resistant, with a drop test rating of 1 metre.

F14 has a small body at just 81.5mm x 39mm x 25.9mm (length x width x depth) and a weight of 109.5g (with the built in battery).

Floodlight & Spotlight Modes or Combined, with Warm/Cool White LEDs

Using a Samsung LH351D for the floodlight beam (textured reflector), this has a high CRI of >90 and 4000K. This gives a more accurate color impression. The Cool White LED (smooth reflector) is made by Osram (NM1) and rated to 6500K, this is ideal for the Spotlight mode as the LED has more range and power output. Moonlight and strobe modes are also available and traditional levels including Low and High outputs.

Combined output can hit the headline 1250 lumens and gives an excellent beam with range and spread at closer distances.

The quality build also extends to the metal stainless steel side switch, this has a built in charge/discharge indicator LED, with multiple colors. It also features a battery voltage indicator too, with the colors showing a range of voltages in 4 stages.Using a single switch UI for simple and fast user operation.

Manker F14: Key Features

> Dual beam output, with Floodlight and Spotlight or Combination of both
> Output up to 1250 lumens 268 metres (Dual beam mode Turbo)
> Cool White LED (6500K) for Spotlight, Warm White (4000K) High CRI LED for Floodlight
> USB C charging port with power bank function (USB C cable and A to C adapter supplied). Support PD charging (power delivery)
> Compact EDC friendly size:  81.5mm x 39mm x 25.9mm (length x width x depth) weight of 109.5g (with battery)
> Up to 248 hours run time (moonlight flood mode 1 lumen)
> High capacity built in Li-ion battery (1800mAh)
> Stainless steel deep carry clip
> Magnetic base
> Stainless steel switch, 4 stage battery level and charge/discharge indicator
> Lock-out mode with mode memory
> Hardened anti reflective coating glass
> Aerospace grade aluminum alloy body with IP65 water and dust resistance
> Drop tested to 1 metre

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