Manker Release E14IV 4000 lumens dual power pocket EDC flashlight

Manker Release E14IV 4000 lumens dual power pocket EDC flashlight

This tiny pocket flashlight from Manker can push out a very impressive output of 4000 lumens in Turbo mode, with a beam distance of 166 metres (using an 18650 battery).

It is possible to use 2 types of cell, the more compact 18350 (supplied), or the common higher capacity 18650, thanks to the extending body design. For the 18350 cell your maximum output it 3300 lumens.

With 7 power levels available and 3 strobe modes, the E14IV is well specified and gives a very even spread of output.This model also have a magnetic tail so it can be directly attached to metal objects making it useful for takes where you need to use your hands such as in a workshop or garage.

Manker also give users a choice of LEDs in either cool or neutral white, with a useful battery status indicator is build into the side switch.Using a very attractive body design, with a polished head with stainless steel and grooves for heat dissipation. The rest of the body is made from anodized aluminum, providing a strong and durable long lasting finish.

The E14IV is also rated to IP67 for 1 metre, and drop tested to 1 metre.At the shortest size (using an 18350 cells) it’s just 82mm x 28mm x 25.9mm (length x head x body diameter). Extended size (with an 18650 cell fitted) is 111.3mm x 28mm x 25.9mm (length x body x head) with a tube size of 21.8mm. It’s just 69g without a battery, and 96g with the 18350 cell.

 Up to 4000 lumens output with the 4 x Samsung LH351D LEDs in Cool or Neutral White

Manker are offering two LED variation on the Samsung LH351D.The Cool white has a higher output and longer range at 4000lm (18650) or 3300lm (18350) giving a range up to 166m, with the Neutral white 2800lm (18650) or 2100lm (18350), range is quoted at 126m. 6 Additional power levels are available with 3 special modes (Strobe/SOS/Beacon)

Both have their pros and cons, some prefer the higher output of a cool white beam, and others might like the more natural colors and warmer tine of the neutral white.

The supplied rechargeable 18350 cell has a built in Type C charging port, with automatic cut off when charging is finished. A capacity of 1100mAh is quite good for a compact size battery, with the option to use the larger 18650 batteries, a useful addition if required.

Simple UI with single side switch with battery voltage indicator built in

Manker are using a good quality stainless steel button for the side switch, in addition to providing easy to use operation of the flashlight, it also combines this with a very convenient battery warning. When turned on and the voltage is below 3.4V the blue light will come on (for 10 seconds), if the range is between 3.4V and 3.2V the purple light comes up, with the red one staying on when the voltage readout is between 3.2V and 2.8V. This gives you plenty of warning about the battery status when the capacity left is low.

Automatic protection prevents over discharging a battery, the flashlight will shut off under 2,8V to prevent damage to a cell.

The high quality build is enhanced with the use of stainless steel in parts, combined with aero grade aluminum alloy, which is drop proof to one meter, and water resistant to 1M thanks to the IP67 rating.

Manker also include a diffuser/filter to fit over the head, useful for camping where you might want a spread out lantern light patter, or using it as a traffic wand.

Manker E14V Key Features:

> Up to 4000 lumens output (18650) or 3300 lumens (with supplied 18350), with a maximum range of 166 metres
Choice of Cool or Neutral White Quad Samsung LH351D LEDs
Small size: 82mm x 28mm x 25.9mm  (18350), or 111.3mm x 28mm x 25.9mm (18650)
Lightweight:  69g without a battery, and 96g with the supplied 18350
Magnetic base/tail
7 Power levels including 3 special modes: Strobe/SOS/Beacon
Includes white diffuser/filter for a more spread out beam pattern
> Choice of 2 power sources 18350 (supplied) or 18650
> Low battery voltage indicator built into the metal side switch
> Up to 160 hours run time (Moonlight 0.1lm Neutral White LED)
> 18350 battery has built in type C charging port
> Durable heat treated aluminum body/stainless steel in parts, drop tested to 1 metre, IP67 water resistance to 1 metre

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