Mankerlight's All-new Palm-sized Flashlight — MC13 II

Mankerlight's All-new Palm-sized Flashlight — MC13 II

Light is an essential aspect of human survival and plays a major role in the psyche and physiology. It lets us see our surroundings and distinguish objects, individuals, and colors. Mankerlight is one of the renowned manufacturers of top LED flashlights. The company just announced the introduction of its new palm-sized flashlight—the MC13 II. Capable of delivering a maximum output of 2,000 lumens, the MC13 II is, without a doubt, a top flashlight. A maximum beam throw of 600 meters ensures that the flashlight can serve various purposes, like camping at night in mountainous and forested areas to patrolling the neighborhood at night, especially for security personnel. 

A 18350 high drain li-ion battery

A rechargeable 18350 li-ion battery powers the Mankerlight MC13 II. The battery is charged using a USB Type C cable which comes in the package alongside the flashlight. On the head is an integrated Type C charging port where the cable is inserted. The port supports a maximum of 5V / 2A charging. Furthermore, the flashlight is compatible with a 18650 battery. This ensures that you don't run out of options in case a 18350 isn't available or any other related circumstances. There's also a low battery indicator button on the side which indicates the remaining battery percentage. 

2,000 lumens and 600 meters beam distance

The flashlight uses one LUMINUS SFT40 LED, which is capable of delivering a maximum output of 2,000 lumens and has a maximum beam throw of 600 meters. The flashlight has eight modes controlled by a single button, including the Turbo and Strobe/Beacon modes. The eight are divided into three selectable ECO modes; General, Turbo, and Special. A single click of the button takes you to the general mode, then a double click from any mode leads to the Turbo mode, while a triple click takes you to Special/Strobe mode.  

An intelligent temperature-balancing system

The flashlight has an inbuilt temperature regulation system that automatically detects temperature changes. This enables the flashlight to adapt to the environment, thus maintaining optimal performance. There's also a total internal reflection (TIR) lens that resists high temperatures. 

Waterproof and impact resistant

The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy used to make the body of the MC13 II is waterproof and can survive at a depth of I meter. The same material is also impact resistant and can resist any forces originating from a distance of 1 meter. 

Other notable features

  • The flashlight is compact and lightweight; it only weighs about 88.8 grams without the battery. It can easily fit inside your pocket and allow you to walk around with it comfortably. 
  • In the package is a lanyard. So it comes with a built-in lanyard hole which allows you to fix the lanyard so you can hang it on a hook somewhere on the wall. 
  • It has a lower voltage Indicator. This helps in downshifting the light to low brightness so that you don't find yourself in the dark unaware. 
  • The body is also painted black for easy identification and recognition. 
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