Mateminco Releases High Power Longer Range Flashlight - LT40

Mateminco Releases High Power Longer Range Flashlight - LT40

The LT40 flashlight from Mateminco offers a high power longer range flashlight in a compact and portable form factor.

With a maximum beam distance of 382 metres, and brightness of 12600 lumens you will see far into the distance with the LT40, yet it is only 116mm x 41mm x 34mm in size (length x head diameter, x body diameter), and a weight of 170g without the battery. This small size yet extreme power allows you to carry the flashlight around without feeling burdened.

A choice of LEDs with the XHP50.2 at 6500K, or the XHP50.2 with a 5700K output which is closer to daylight.A very wide range of batteries can be used in the LT40 from the standard 26650 high capacity rechargeable cells, down to 18650 batteries via the adapter.

The flashlight is made from high grade aluminum alloy which resists damage and marks, and is water resistant to IPX6, drop tested to 1 metre.

High Candela 36481 beam with a big output of 12600 lumens

4 LEDs using a direct driver provide the power output that combines spread and range, the LT40 is the flashlight to have if you want something which has a big power output, yet is also able to reach longer distances. At the top level of 12600 lumens the Meteminco can reach as far as 382 metres.

Two choices of color temperature with the XHP50.2 emitter, a standard cool white which gives maximum range (6500K), or a closer to neutral white version which can give improved color reproduction (5700K), this LED is closer to natural daylight. There are pros and cons to both types with the cooler LEDs usually providing a bit more illumination and power (and distance), where as the warmer ones give a more natural appearance, which some find more visually appealing.

A glass tempered cover protects the LEDs and a finely machined aluminium reflector gives a well balanced beam profile.

Large Side Switch and multiple battery options

The LT40 has a well placed side switch with a simple and easy to pick up UI. A single press for On/Off, with a long press for a smooth and precise ramping power output. A double press takes you directly to Turbo, and a triple press to the strobe mode.

There are plenty of power options for this model, not only does it accept 26650 batteries, but via the supplied adapters you can also fit 18650, 21700 cells, and 26350 ones. (cells are not included the adapters are).

This gives users many choices of cells to power the flashlight, and will suit those who might already own a lot of batteries or other flashlights. A versatile option the LT40 is also made to endure harsh weather with it is IPX6 water resistance rating, and the main body material is a hardened aluminum alloy, able to resist marks and damage during use.

A strong choice for those looking for a good all round flashlight model, with a powerful output, yet smaller form factor and is entirely suited to EDC carry.

Mateminco LT40 Key Features

> 4 X Luminus XHP50.2 LEDs up to 12600 lumens output with a maximum range of 382m
> Choice of 2 color temperatures (6500K & 5700K)
Candela of 36481cd for a longer range beam
Compact size of 116mm x 41mm x 34mm, with a weight of 170g (no battery)
Accepts many battery types: 26650, 26350, 21700, 18650 (with 2 supplied adapters)
Simple UI with ramping power mode – features direct access to strobe and Turbo output
IPX6 rated weather resistance, drop tested to 1 metre, metal bezel with tempered glass cover
Heat treated aluminum alloy body for strength and durability
Package includes LT-40 flashlight, 2 spare O rings, 1 x lanyard, 1 x 26350 adapter, 1 x 18650/21700-26650 adapter

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