2023 New MAXTOCH OWLEYES W PRO v2.0 LEP SpotLight

2023 New MAXTOCH OWLEYES W PRO v2.0 LEP SpotLight

This powerful long range flashlight is both impressive in terms of design and it’s performance.

Using dual LEPs, these are Laser excited phosphor units,  and create an output with extreme brightness in the centre of the beam, with almost no spill, and a broad spectrum white source. This concentration of power means you can reach exceptional range. These LEPs product no radiation and are completely safe to use thanks to compliance with the FDA class I certification.

In this case the Maxtorch has a reach of 4000 metres (which is around 2.5 miles), and a combination of 3 power outputs, including a strobe mode.

The top level of 1200 lumens can run for up to 2 hours 30 minutes, with a longer run time of 8 hours 45 minutes at the lowest output of 200 lumens.Power is via 3 x 21700 batteries, for longer endurance and they are easily available from many sources.

The Owleyes is IPX8 rated for water submersion up to 2 metres, has been drop tested to 1.5 metres.An unusual and interesting body shape/design, which is 178mm x 120mm x 51mm in size, and 730g weight.

Huge 4000 metres range with a top power level of 1200 lumens

The impressive range of 4000 metres is truly something that has to be seen to be believed, this tight beam pattern punches deep into the darkness. The top power level of 1200 lumens achieves this range, with 2 more levels to give users additional output options. A mid of 600 lumens, and a low output of 200 lumens. Strobe is also available with the same 1200 lumens output.

Once you aim the beam at over 50 metres, the dual beams combine into a single more powerful beam, this is how this LEP light can reach such a distance. Most models on the market are using a single LEP, so the range advantage clearly gives the Maxtorch the edge here.

The body design is also worthy of note, featuring a removable handle with secure grip to ensure the Owleyes is easier to carry, if it’s not needed you can simply unscrew it and take it off. Stainless steel red bezels and additional grooves on the head to help improve thermal heat management.

Maxtorch Owleyes Key Features

> Massive range of 4000 metres (2.5 miles) with Dual LEP output
> 3 Power levels with one special mode (Strobe)
> Aspheric Surface lens reflector
> Size: 178mm x 120mm x 51mm with a weight of 730g
> IPX8 water resistance for up to 2 metres submersion
> Removable aluminum handle
> Drop tested to 1.5 metres
> Powered by 21700 batteries
> Run time up to 8 hours 45 minutes
> Tough aluminum alloy body with stainless steel bezels

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