Range Further Increased, MH 12SE 405m USB-C Rechargeable Flashlight Released

Range Further Increased, MH 12SE 405m USB-C Rechargeable Flashlight Released

The sixth generation product of NITECORE MH12 series, MH12SE, is officially released! With the new generation and upgrade, MH12SE is equipped with a new Luminus SFT-40-W LED, which has a range of 405 meters, an increase of about 38% compared with the previous generation, and a maximum output of 1800 lumens. To meet the use needs of daily emergency, outdoor activities and patrol on duty.

NITECORE MH12SE uses USB-C interface to charge, equipped with a 5000mAh large-capacity 21700 lithium battery, compatible with CR123 and RCR123 batteries, the longest endurance can reach 1500 hours, 60 days of continuous use. The ATR temperature control module in the flashlight can automatically adjust the brightness output according to the working state of MH12SE and the outside temperature to ensure stable lighting for a long time.

NITECORE MH12SE can choose NTR10 tactical ring and other accessories, standard NTH10 flashlight quick pull set, compact size, light and flexible, specially designed for duty. In addition, MH12SE is also equipped with a detachable clip, which can be attached to the trouser pocket, backpack or MOLLE system. It can be carried in a variety of ways, and can be used with a hand rope to free your hands anytime and anywhere. In terms of protection, MH12SE supports IP68 dust-proof, waterproof and one-meter anti-drop, and can work normally at 2 meters underwater, which is suitable for all-weather use. For more information, please click: NITECORE MH12SE


> LED: Luminus SFT-40-W LED
> Maximum Brightness: 1800 lumens
> Peak Beam Distance: 442 yards
> Peak Beam Intensity: 41000 cd
> IP Rating: IP68
> Impact Resistance: 1 m
> Dimensions: L-5.55"xW-1.07"xH-1"
> Weight: 2.82oz
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