New Fenix HM61R V2.0 Upgrad Some Very Useful Features

New Fenix HM61R V2.0 Upgrad Some Very Useful Features

Striking a good balance between performance, runtime and size/weight, the new Fenix HM61R V2.0 has some very useful features built into the headlamp. This upgraded model increased the power output and range, as well as adding enhancements for ease of use.

5 Power levels give a wide distribution of levels, with Turbo hitting an impressive 1600 lumens (with a range of 162 metres). An Auxiliary red LED is also present with 2 power levels and a flashing mode. In the lowest mode the Fenix can last as long as 300 hours run time (5 lumens and up to 400 hours in the low red LED of 1 lumen).

Being an 18650 headlamp the size and weight are more manageable compared to larger 21700 models, the Fenix is just 101mm length, 45mm width, with a height of 36mm. It’s 152g (5.36oz) including the battery.

The headlamp also features a magnetic USB charging system, and a high quality perforated headband with reflective stripes. A magnetic base and clip make this more than just a headlamp, the HM61R V2.0 can also be used as a flashlight attached to a jacket or bag facing forward using the clip, or as a working light. A newly designed quick release system for the headband makes attaching and removing the Fenix very quick.

With a weather resistance rating of IP68 and drop tested to 2 metres, using an anodized aluminum body, it’s a strong sturdy offering from Fenix which will provide many years of reliable service.

5 Power Levels with a top output of 1600 lumens and a Red auxiliary LED

Fenix are using the well respected Luminus SST40 LED (6500K) for the main white beam, and a 2835 one for the red LED.The main beam profile is enhanced thanks to the TIR optical lens, this gives an excellent split between spill and range.

5 levels range from an Eco mode of just 5 lumens, a low of 50 lumens, and a med/high with 150/600 lumens. The highest level of 1600 lumens can reach as far as 162 metres.

The red LED has 2 levels a low of 1 lumen, a medium of 5 lumens, with a flashing mode (also 5 lumens) it is ideal for using the headlamp at close distances, and helping to preserve night vision.

5 main power levels are wide and even, from a very low 8 lumens, then in 100/300/600 increments, with a top turbo level of 1000 lumens. Range varies from 8 metres at the ultralow, up to 100 metres in Turbo. Two flashing modes (at 1000 lumens each), the useful SOS and Beacon.

Red Auxiliary LED has multiple uses, helping to preserve night vision. It is capable of 10 lumens output, in both constant on, and slow flashing modes.

Large Silicone Switch for easy operation

Fenix are using an oversized side switch on the HM61R V2.0, it’s easy to find and operate even if the user is wearing work gloves. It’s also recessed to prevent accidental operation, and features a lock out mode.

Long press turns the headlamp on, with single presses cycling through the power levels. You can switch between White/Red LEDs by holding in the switch for 1.2 seconds. It’s an effective and easy to pick up UI. As expected a mode memory is also present.

Fenix are using their magnetic charging system, which can charge the included 18650 cell (rated to 3400mAh) from flat to full in 4 hours.

Every time the headlamp is turned on the battery indicator will show the status of the cell; it’s a 4 stage system with a combination of Green/Red, and also features a low battery warning (blinks 3 times every 10 minutes when the battery level is very low).

Fenix have tested the HM61R V2.0 to IP68 water and dust protection, which can last for up to 2 metres submersion, and it is drop tested to 2 metres.

A high grade HAIII anodized and hardened aluminum finish will ensure the rigours of use in many environments, and resist damage/marks.

Fenix HM61R V2.0 Key Features

> Dual LED White & Red output with 8 modes
5 Power levels with a top output of up to 1600 lumens (162m range) Luminus SST40 LED (6500K)
Auxiliary Red LED with 2 power levels and flashing mode
Quick release headband system with reflective stripes
Compact size:  101mm length x 45mm width x height of 36mm. Weight 152g (with battery)
Up to 300 hours run time (eco mode 5 lumens)
Large switch makes it easy to operate even with gloves on
Lock out function for storage/transportation
Magnetic charging system
High capacity 3400mAh battery with 4 stage power level indicator, and low battery warning
High grade heat treated Aluminum body – drop tested to 2 metres with IPX68 weather resistance for up to 2 metres water submersion

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