NEXTORCH Launches E51C EDC Flashlight

NEXTORCH Launches E51C EDC Flashlight

Simple is easy to use, simple but not ordinary. The function performance is capable, and the upgrade shows pragmatism.
In outdoor activities, daily travel, home emergency and other situations, give you approachable and down-to-earth companionship.
If you want an EDC flashlight with simple design and only for lighting, E51C is waiting for you sincerely.
It is the straightforward expression of E51C to do one thing with heart.

Recently, NEXTORCH officially released the E51C EDC flashlight, which is consistent with the solid and upright straight tube appearance style. All the features are displayed in a balanced way. It is practical, safe and easy to use. Low-key and introverted, high performance, clear advantages, not cumbersome, easy for everyone to use. Multi-purpose daily lighting, when traveling on foot, when playing in the water, when repairing and searching, when exploring power outages, commuting and so on, it is exquisite and practical, which can be controlled by one hand, so as to meet the occasional needs in the dark.
NEXTORCH E51C inherits E51's professional and practical genes, consistent stable and reliable quality, delicate and straight appearance. The compact size on the palm is easy to carry, and the straight and neat lines create a tough style.

1600 lumens highlight, 205 meters range, to ensure your various lighting needs; Upgrade frequency conversion flash, through specific different frequencies for strong light flashing, in an emergency, it is difficult for the opposite human eye to adapt, so that the effect of keeping away from danger is better.

The tail switch is upgraded to metal material, two-stage pressing, clear feel, resistant to aging, durable and wear-resistant. The metal tail switch is easy to operate, and the four modes can be switched freely.

Hidden Tpe-C charging interface design, waterproof and dustproof, practical and beautiful.
Strong performance, solid and reliable quality. IPX8 is 2 meters waterproof, 2 meters anti-drop, durable and more trustworthy.

The 4-stage power display function is designed to get the remaining power status at any time. When the flashlight is turned on, the 2-second power display light is clear and visible, so that you can put aside unnecessary worries.

Selected aluminum alloy tube body, after hard anodizing surface treatment, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, square reticulation, the graininess of holding is uniform and delicate, which is more comfortable on the basis of ensuring a certain friction force. The U-shaped bulge design on both sides has been upgraded, which makes the handstand placement of the flashlight more stable without affecting the pressing of the tail button.

Equipped with exquisite stainless steel clip and hand rope, relax hands, convenient to carry, reduce the risk of falling and getting rid of hands, more comfortable to use; It can also be removed when it is not needed, and the operation is flexible.


> Light source: OSRAM P9 LED
> Brightness: 1600 Lumens/340 Lumens/28 Lumens/Flash
> Duration: 2h 30min/4h 15min/43h/—
> Battery: 1 X 18650.
> Irradiation distance: 205m/102m/25m/—
> Material: Aluminum
> Surface treatment: Hard anodizing
> Size: 139 mm (L) X 27 mm (D) X 23 mm (D)
> Weight: 94 G (without battery)
> Fall resistant height: 2m
> Waterproof grade: IPX8
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