NexTorch N18L: A high performance and quality baton and flashlight

NexTorch N18L: A high performance and quality baton and flashlight

A high performance and quality baton and flashlight from NexTorch, the N18L combines a locking telescopic baton, with a dual level flashlight built into the end. Further expanding the range of batons from NexTorch.

The flashlight runs off a 14500 USB charged Li-ion battery (rated to 750mA), and can output at 2 levels. A low of 40 lumens, with a high of 410 lumens, with an additional strobe mode available.

Run times are up to 9 hours (low 40lm mode).The baton also features a clip for attaching to a bag or clothing, and has a high durability body made from a combination of Steel/Alloy and Aero grade aluminum.

Rated to level 9 corrosion resistance, it’s designed for active duty and use in all conditions. Thanks to the IPX8 rating it can be submersed in water for up to 2 metres, and it’s drop tested to 2 metres too.

Fully extended the N18L Wal is around 474mm in length (+/-2mm), retracted it is 265mm (+/- 1.5mm), very easy to carry around collapsed, and it stays in place firmly when extended thanks to the NEXLOCK mechanism, and tail lock button. Weight is 260g (no battery).It’s tensile strength is rated to 1000N, and Bending to 3000N (Newtons).

2 Power levels with a strobe mode

Two power levels on this model feature a lower 40 lumens which has a range of up to 35 metres, and a high mode, or 410 lumens, this can reach a medium range of 116 metres. A strobe is also available and is again rated to 410 lumens. Useful for self defence or in an emergency.

Using a 14500 battery, this is both light and has a reasonable capacity of 750mAh, giving you around 90 minutes run time at the highest mode, with up to 9 hours on the lowest.

Control is via a rotating collar and gives a simple and fast operation to the user.

A glass/window breaking tip is on the end, this Nano Ceramic point is specially hardened for enhanced breaking ability and long term durability.

By combining a retractable baton and flashlight, NexTorch have created a very useful baton which doubles as a light source, yet compact enough to carry or stash in a vehicle or secure location.

Customers should note that the use/ownership/legality of Batons varies depending on region, you should check the applicable laws on batons in your country.

NexTorch N18L Wal 18 Baton Key Features

> Telecscopic Baton and Flashlight built into one unit
> Flashlight has 2 power levels and a strobe mode
> Up to 410 lumens output and a range of 116 metres
> Compact size: Extended 474mm in length (+/-2mm), retracted it is 265mm (+/- 1.5mm), weight of 260g (no cell)
> Run time up to 9 hours (40lm low mode)
> Hardened Nano ceramic glass breaking tip
> Powered via a 14500 USB C charged Li-ion battery
> High strength: Tensile strength is rated to 1000N, and Bending to 3000N
> Beating resistance >3000 times
> Strong NEXLOCK mechanism for rapid and stable telescopic action
> Quality Steel/Alloy and Aero grade aluminum construction
> IPX8 rated for 2 metres water submersion, drop tested to 2 metres

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