NEXTORCH Officially Launched NP30 Laser Page-turning Tactical Pen

NEXTORCH Officially Launched NP30 Laser Page-turning Tactical Pen

Tactical pen, as its name implies, is not only a pen, but also a tool with tactical use. It has enough reliable structure and strength, so that it can integrate daily writing, security defense, emergency rescue and other practical functions. With good concealment and portability, tactical pen has gradually become a daily defense tool for ordinary people.

Tactical pens on the market have different styles and functions, which are remarkable. On the basis of writing and defensive attributes, other factors will be taken into account, and different functions will be added, such as lighting function, fingertip gyroscope play decompression, laser indication function, etc., so that the tactical pen has more uses. Therefore, our imagination of the tactical pen will be richer and the requirements for it will be higher.

Tactical pens should be both practical and distinctive. So, what else can the tactical pen do? NEXTORCH recently officially launched the NP30 laser page-turning tactical pen, allowing you to see more possibilities of the tactical pen.

With ingenious ideas and technological empowerment, NEXTORCH NP30 is not only a tool for daily writing, a weapon for emergency defense, but also an electronic pointer for remote page turning and laser indication. With a pen in hand, we can control teaching, training, meetings and other occasions calmly, and play a relaxed role on the spot.

Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, remote control PPT, PDF, Word and other documents page turning, simple operation, stable and continuous connection. Compatible with multiple devices, not just computers, but also tablets, mobile phones or other devices with Bluetooth. No receiver, no driver, fast pairing, after connection, the next automatic connection, simplify the complicated connection steps, one step in place.

Red laser indication is precise and eye-catching, light moves at will, sensitive control, and can be clearly demonstrated on the curtain and electronic screen.

The D1 international general standard refill is used, the writing is smooth and durable, and the replacement refill is easy to purchase. The ink of the refill is stable and smooth, and it can write normally in harsh environment, especially in daily life.

The ultra-high hardness ceramic bead attack head embedded in the nib is second only to diamond in hardness and powerful in energy, which can quickly break windows and emergency defense. Round appearance, low-key and friendly, will not scratch clothes, suitable for daily carry-on.

Built-in 80 mAh lithium-ion battery for long life. The hidden Type-C charging design in the middle of the pen body is convenient for power replenishment, keeping the pen body compact and beautiful, and better waterproof and dustproof. After the tactical pen is successfully paired, the computer displays the real-time power. When the power is less than 5%, the computer reminds you to charge in time in the form of a pop-up window.

The NEXTORCH NP30 comes standard with a stainless steel clip that allows it to be hung in pockets, backpacks, etc., making it easy to carry around, quick to access, and not easy to lose.

Aluminum alloy pen body, advanced texture, comfortable to hold, wear-resistant, no need to worry about bumps and rainy days.


> Remote control distance: ≤ 10 m
> Laser duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
> Anti-fall height: 1m
> Pen body material: Aluminum
> Striking head material: ceramic beads
> Waterproof grade: IPX4
> Length: 154 mm
> Refill: D1 metal refill
> Weight: 34g (with refill)
> Diameter: 13 mm
> Power: Built-in 80 mAh Li-ion battery
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