NexTorch rStar: All-new compact tactical light for combat/tactical ready units

NexTorch rStar: All-new compact tactical light for combat/tactical ready units

A new compact tactical light from NexTorch, the rStar is aimed to provide optimal lighting for combat/tactical ready units, and is ideal for law enforcement.

It offers a choice of 4 light sources including a white light with a top output of 80 lumens, a red light and green light, with an IR built in too. By using all these different outputs you have a versatile lighting option for normal and up close activities. Run times are up to 33 or 35 hours (white light 8lm).

The main light has a flexible stem for adjusting the light angle, and is fully compatible with ARC Rails mount system for a secure helmet attachment.

Running off a widely available AA battery (either alkaline or Ni-MH), it’s a common cell very easy to get hold of.A triple switch system gives independent and quick control over the light operation.

Using a mix of quality materials, aluminium alloy and polycarbonate for long term durability, it is also rated to IPX4 weather resistance, and drop tested to 2 metres.

In a lightweight and small body which won’t add any significant weight, at just 50g (1.76oz) without battery, and a size of 133mm x 30mm x 41mm (length x width x height).

4 Light sources White, Red, Green and IR

Two power levels are available for the white light, a high of 80 lumens, and a lower 8 lumen mode. The red light is 1 lumen, and the green 3 lumens, useful for close up distances where you might want to be more discreet with a less powerful beam.

The IR light is 940nm wavelength, and there is an IFF beacon also available.A standard AA battery gives increased flexibility and the light can take normal 1.5 AA cells (alkaline) or rechargeable Ni-MH ones.

It’s also possible to use a clip/velcro attachment for use on either webbing or other items such as bags, increasing the possibility to use the light for other activities.

3 Switches for rapid and easy operation

NexTorch have an impressive UI design with this model, 3 independent controls give you optimal control over the rStar. A main light control towards the front of the main body is easy to find by touch even if using gloves, the IFF beacon control on the side with a raised rectangular shape with grooves. At the read a raised rotary click position switch is lets you pick the light source White/Red/Green and IR.

This UI is ideal when used in a tactical situation, so that users have quick control over all the options available.

NexTorch are using their usual premium materials, aluminium and polycarbonate are both strong and durable, and it’s been drop tested to 2 metres, with IPX4 water/dust resistance in all weather conditions.

NexTorch rStar Key Features

> 4 Light sources including a White/Red/Green and IR light output
> Up to 80 lumens power (high mode white light) with a range of 12 metres
> Triple switch operation with rear rotary mode selection dial
> IFF beam control
> Flexible stem for light/beam placement
> Compact and lightweight: 133mm x 30mm x 41mm, 50g (no battery)
> Run time of 35 hours (1.5V AA White low 8lm)
> Takes common AA battery (1.5V alkaline or Ni-MH)
> ARC helmet mount compatible or clip/velcro attachment
> Durable aluminium alloy and polycarbonate materials
> IPX4 water and dust resistance, drop tested to 2 metres

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