NexTorch TA31 10,000 Lumens High Performance Flashlight

NexTorch TA31 10,000 Lumens High Performance Flashlight

With a new high power flashlight, NexTorch bring their well known rotary switch UI, popular with many users thanks to it’s intuitive operation, to a powerful model the TA31.

It has 5 power levels ranging from 20 lumens for closer up use, up to the headline 10,000 lumens momentary, for a strong beam which has both floodlight and range, it can reach 380 metres. Built in proximity sensor drops the power level when items are close (under 1 metre) and lowers the output for safety.

Built in battery has a long endurance thanks to 2 x 4800mAh high drain cells able to handle the power output. USB C charging is integrated in the body, unscrew the head to reveal the port which is now protected from water and dust. It supports fast charging, and can charge from flat to full in 2.5 hours. Run time up to an impressive 170 hours  (20 lumens mode).

Body is made from strong aluminum alloy, with a clip on the side for a pocket/belt/bag carry, stainless steel bezel with nano ceramic hard points for glass breaking in an emergency. Hardened glass with anti reflective coatings, it is 2 metres impact/drop tested, and IPX8 water/dust resistant to 2 metres submersion.

Despite the high power, the TA31 is quite small, at 156mm x 53mm x 49mm, with a weigh of 425g (with the built in battery pack).

Tactical Style Searchlight, with a range of up to 380 metres

4 LED’s can output a wide range of levels from the low of 20 lumens, 320lm, 1500lm and two high power outputs of 6000lm and 10,000 lumens. Quote range puts up a solid figure of 380 metres at the top level. Candela is 36,100cd.

NexTorch have their very simple, but very effective UI. Using the magnetic rotary switch, users can quickly rotate it near the base of the body, with a position for “lock”, Duty and Tac modes. In Tac mode the dual stage switch has a half press for momentary, and full press for strobe, Duty mode lets you pick the power levels and the Lock gives you a safe lock-out for transportation. Rapid operation is possible and it’s very easy for users to remember..

Metal switch on the base also has a built in “ring” which gives you an accurate indication of power level in the battery, via an LED.

NexTorch TA31 - Key Features

> High performance flashlight with a top power level of 10,000 Lumens and a range of 380 metres
> Tactical compact searchlight with 5 power levels and strobe mode
> USB C charging with fast charging (2.5 hours), concealed port unscrew head to reveal protects from water and dirt
> Built in 2 x 4800mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
> Proximity sensor powers down output with close objects for safety
> Magnetic rotary ring with 3 positions including Tac mode, Duty and Lock-out
> Battery LED ring built into tail switch
> Run time up to 170 hours
> Dual Pressure Tail Switch, quick access to momentary and strobe
> Size: 156mm x 53mm x 49mm, 425g weight
> Aluminum alloy body, with stainless steel bezel, with nano ceramic glass breaker points
> IPX8 water proof (2 metres), drop tested to 2 metres

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