Nitecore Carbon Battery 6K Kit for Headlamps

Nitecore Carbon Battery 6K Kit for Headlamps

A very useful addition to the Nitecore range of accessories, this battery pack greatly extends the run times of many compatible USB-C powered headlamps.

The battery is rated to 6000mAh (with a discharge capacity of around 3700mAh at 1 amp discharge).

Nitecore Carbon comes with as a kit with a high quality headband, this is a wider 32mm side for improved comfort, also have perforated holes for ventilation, and a silicone band on the inside for better grip, and keeping sweat out of your eyes. For safety is also has reflective markings for additional visibility.

The supplied cable is braided with fabric, and it extends as well as being skin friendly, it’s lightweight and has a locking clip at the end to ensure that the cable connector remains in the power pack. This clip is also a quick release type, so you can remove it in no time at all.

Power pack clips securely into the cradle on the headband, and is designed to allow you to remove it if you wish.

3 power levels indicators on the power pack show you the state of charge/capacity. A red safety light is built into the body of the battery, to improve visibility. It can also be used as a normal power bank, with it’s type C port. Supporting charging and discharging at up to 5V 2A.

Compatible with many headlamps, including Nitecore’s NU40, NU43, NU50, HC65 UHE. Used with the NU40 is can double the run time of this headlamp, or act as a back up power source for longer endurance.

As the power pack is made from Carbon fibre it’s both durable and lightweight, with a side of just 90mm x 22.8mm, and a weight of 88g (no accessories included). It’s IP68 rated for water and dust resistance.

Carbon Battery 6K Kit: Key Features

> Carbon Fibre Battery pack with a capacity of 6000mAh (3700mAh discharge capacity)
> Premium headband includes silicone internal band (anti sweat/slip), perforated, anti reflective markings
> Extend the run time of your headlamp or use as a back up power source
> Quick release power pack holder
> Red light built into battery pack for safety and visibility
> Braided USB C to C cable with quick release clip designed
> Lightweight and small: 88g with a size of 22.8mm x 90mm
> USB C port
> 3 Stage LED indicator for battery and charge level
> IPX8 water and dust resistance

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