Nitecore EDC35 High power 5000 lumens flashlight

Nitecore EDC35 High power 5000 lumens flashlight

This new addition to Nitecore’s flashlight range has some unique features and is likely to be very popular among those looking for a powerful, yet small body EDC flashlight.

With an ultra compact body size the EDC35 offers 6 power levels from 5 lumens up to the Turbo output of 5000 lumens. Run times are up to 90 hours (ultralow 5 lumens).

It features the new UHi40 MAX LED, which has 9 cores with a larger single core, and 8 surrounding it, this provides a unique ability to to provide improved beam for longer and closer distances, when compared to a traditional single core LED. With both spotlight and floodlight outputs available.

A built in high capacity 21700 battery can be rapidly charged via USB-C, with up to 10W power, at a current of 5V 2A. And it features an ultra low standby current (1μA), with minimal drain even if kept in long term storage (up to a year), it’s ready to be used when needed.

A built in proximity sensor ramps down the power level if nearby objects are detected, this prevents damage from heat with items that are close to the LED/lens.

Nitecore have designed the body with a superior grip with plenty of texturing on the barrel, and a quality stainless steel clip is also included. A stainless steel strike bezel if useful for defence or glass breaking.

IP68 rated for water and dust protection (2 metres submersion), and it’s been drop tested to 2 metres. With premium grade aluminum alloy, it’s a tough flashlight which can operate in all weather conditions.

Size of the EDC35 is very small at: 125mm x 31.8mm x 28mm (length x head x body diameter), with a weight of 175.5g (including battery).

550 metres range with unique Lumi Shield output, Single tail cap UI

The new UHi40 MAX LED is developed in house by Nitecore (Sysmax), has a clever array of 9 LEDs, including the main larger one, with 8 surrounding it to provide improved edge illumination.

The levels range from the ultralow of 5 lumens, with 70 and 300 lumens modes, and a high of 1300 lumens. The top levels of 3000 lumens (search mode), and 5000 lumens (Lumin Shield), have ranges of 550m and 500 metres.

A versatile output which is suitable for longer range or up close distances.

Dual stage tail cap switch is touch sensitive with 2 easy to feel positions, with a full press for On/Off, and half presses to cycle the modes, simple and easy to pick up UI.

A lock out switch also features on the body near to the tail cap, it’s quick and visually clear.

Nitecore EDC35: Key Features

> Top output of 5000 lumens with a maximum range of 550 metres
> New 9 core UHi40 MAX LED with Search (3000 lumens 550m range) and Lumin Shield (floodlight 5000 lumens 500 metres range)
> High capacity built in 21700 Li-ion battery
> USB C charging with fast charging at 10W (5V 2A)
> Charge/battery level indicators
> Optical proximity sensor reduces power at close range for safety
> Compact EDC size:  125mm x 31.8mm x 28mm (length x head x body diameter), weight of 175.5g
> Simple UI with 2 stage tail cap switch, with lock out switch
> Textured body with ergonomic anti slip grip, stainless steel clip
> Tempered glass lens with anti reflective coatings, stainless steel bezel
> Aluminum alloy body with IP68 water and dust resistance (2 metres submersion), 2 metres drop tested

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