Nitecore HC65 UHE Tripled output 2000 lumens headlamp

Nitecore HC65 UHE Tripled output 2000 lumens headlamp

Using their new UHE LED (which has a 21% increase in efficiency), Nitecore have integrated their first NiteLab LED into a headlamp.

The result is an 8 core LED output which can with custom optics provide improved light output (up 17.5%), and enhanced range and power.

With a top level of 2000 lumens, the HC65 headlamp can reach up to 222 metres distance, quite an improvement on the previous model (which was 165 metres). Due to the larger surface output, the beam has a wider more even spread, ideal for a headlamp which will be used to see at various distances.

In addition Nitecore have added high CRI auxiliary LEDs with 2 power levels, and a Red Light output with 2 levels and a flashing mode.

New higher capacity 18650 battery, is rated to 4000mAh, giving extended run times and is charged via USB-C (around 2 hours charging time). It can power the headlamp up to 31 hours on the mid level of 100 lumens.

Premium headband has reflective markings, perforated for ventilation, with anti slip back design,  the bracket for the main light is close to the centre of gravity, making it easy to adjust for multiple angles.

Made from premium materials, with aero grade aluminum alloy, HA III hard coatings, it’s been impact tested to 2 metres, waterproof rating to IP68 for up to 2 meters submersion.

Size is 89.5mm x 42.2mm x 46mm, with a weight of 152g.

8 Core NiteLab LED output, with dual high CRI lights, and Red lights

The new 8 core LED is designed in house (NiteLab which is part of the same company as Nitecore). The result is many improvements over previous LEDs. Higher efficiency, longer run times, larger output, more range. It’s a great solution for users who require a powerful, yet relatively compact headlamp for multiple tasks including hiking, climbing, security/law enforcement and camping.

Power levels range from 100, 400, 1300, 2000 lumens with the primary output, with a beam range up to 222 metres. SOS and beacon are also here. Dual high CRI warmer white LED’s for lower output up close (40 and 8 lumens) with the Red light with a high of 15 and low of 5 lumens, and a slow flashing mode.

Dual interface buttons (different shapes for easy touch identification) with a simple operation, and it also features a lock-out mode for safe transportation.

4 blue LED’s on the side give accurate battery levels, and are readily visible, thanks to the ultra low power consumption, the unit uses minimal power when not in use, making it ready to go whenever you need it.

Nitecore HC65 UHE: Key Features

> Compact and powerful headlamp with up to 2000 lumens output
> New 8 core NiteLab LED array for more power, range, and efficiency
> 4 Main power levels, 2 strobe modes (6000K), 2 Aux high CRI LEDs (CRI >90 4500k)
> Optical matrix lens system for improved beam output
> Red LED output with 2 levels and flashing mode
> High capacity 4000mAh 18650 battery
> Compact size: 89.5mm x 42.2mm x 46mm, weight of 152g
> 4 stage battery level indication
> Compatible with NU40, NU43 brackets
> USB-C charging with a charge time of 2 hours
> Quality headband with perforated design, anti slip/sweat backing, and reflective markings
> Dual button UI with lock-out mode
> Aluminum alloy body with HAIII hard coating
> IP68 weather resistance, 2 meters submersion, 2 metres drop tested

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