Nitecore Launches MH12 Pro 3300 Lumens Compact High performance Flashlight

Nitecore Launches MH12 Pro 3300 Lumens Compact High performance Flashlight

This latests addition to the MH range from Nitecore, is the first flashlight the company has made to feature their new NiteLab UHi 40 LED. This sub company is also owned by the parent company Sysmax, and has some unique advantages – Improved efficiency, smaller size, and higher output.

As well as the powerful 3300 lumens output, the MH12 Pro also features 5 power levels including an Ultra Low of 1 lumen, and 3 special modes SOS, Beacon and Strobe.

Two modes or operation are available with the Daily and Tactical options.This model has an optical sensor, which reduces the power with close proximity objects, as a safety feature.

Nitecore have a new NL2153HP 21700 rechargeable 21700 battery, with a higher capacity of 5300mAh, which can power the flashlight for huge 650 hours at the lowest level (1 lumen).

Built in Type C charging port for quick and easy charging. It is also compatible with 18650 and CR123A cells.With a new and unique dual LED indicator system in 4 stages, showing the output levels on the left (Blue), and the Battery remaining on the right (Green). It’s a great new system and shows users instantly how much power is left and which mode they are in.

It’s IP68 rated for water submersion of up to 2 metre and drop tested to 1 metre. It features a high quality body made from strong aluminum alloy with a HA III hard finish to resist marks and damage.

Despite it’s big power the MH12 Pro is compact in size you can carry it with you anywhere, it’s just 138.5mm x 26.8mm (length x head diameter), with a weight of 82g (without battery).

New NiteLab UHi 40 LED with a range of up to 505 metres

With the latest LED from Nitecore’s sister company, this new model is combined with a specially designed reflector and crystal glass coating for maximum transmission. The result is a compact  mid size EDC tactical style flashlight with superior range and performance. This Round LED compares to most which are square in shape, and provides an excellent beam pattern a great range, but also enough spill to be used at shorter distances. A candela of 63500cd gives the long range of 505 metres.

5 Power levels from 3300 lumens, to 1200 lumens high, 300 mid, and 50 low, with an Ultralow of just 1 lumen. 3 strobe modes including SOS/Beacon/Strobe and the choice of Outdoor, or Tactical models giving you more control over how you want to use the flashlight.

It’s combined with an easy UI with the traditional tail switch U shape, this turns the flashlight On/Off and the momentary mode, with the side switch controlling the levels and strobe modes.

This exciting new model from Nitecore ramps up expectations of what we can expect with this new generation of high performance LEDs with increase output, reduced sized and improved efficiency.

Nitecore MH12 Pro Key features

> NiteLab UHi 40 LED with 5 power levels and up to 3300 lumens output with a range of 505 metres
> 3 Special modes: Strobe, Beacon, SOS
> Custom designed reflector (PDOT) with superior beam profile and double coated crystal glass cover
> New high capacity 21700 Li-ion battery (5300mAh)
> Dual LED 4 stage Power Level and Battery indicators
> Proximity sensor, ramps power down if items are close to the lens, for safety
> Type C charging port
> Compatible with 18650 and CR123A cells (16340)
> Reverse polarity protection with advanced temperature regulation
> Choice of Daily and Tactical modes
> Compact size: 138.5mm x 26.8mm (length x head diameter), with a weight of 82g
> Run time up to 650 hours (ultralow 1 lumen)
> Simple UI with U shaped main switch and large side switch
> IP68 rated for water submersion of up to 2 metre and drop tested to 1 metre
> HA III hard anodising finish for superior durability

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