Nitecore Launches NU31: 550 Lumens Lightweight Headlamp + 3 Attractive Colors

Nitecore Launches NU31: 550 Lumens Lightweight Headlamp + 3 Attractive Colors

A new addition to the popular NU series from Nitecore, the NU31 flashlight offers many desirable features including a high capacity built in battery (1800mAh), a dual beam pattern (spotlight and floodlight), with auxiliary red LED with a constant/flashing mode.

The NU31 has 3 power levels for the main LED (spotlight), 2 for the auxiliary one (flood), with SOS and beacon modes for the primary LED.

Turbo mode for the primary LED can hit 550 lumens, with a range of 145 metres, for closer up activities you can use the wider beam spread of the auxillary LED (High CRI >90 with a warmer light output), with the lowest level of 6 lumens. It can run for as long as 147 hours in that mode/output.

The headlamp is available in 3 attractive colors, Slate Grey, Chill Blue, and Tangelo Orange.It’s impact tested to 1 metre, with a weather resistance rating of IP66. With an aluminum front panel to help strengthen the body, and provide better heat dissipation.

The NU31 is just 62.3mm x 46mm x 35.6mm in size (2.45" x 1.81" x 1.40"), and a weight of 95.5g (3.37 oz).

5 Power Levels, 3 Different beam types, with 3 special modes

A single new design unibody optical lens system has a high light transmission of 94%, and is able to provide a more focussed beam for the primary LED, with a softer more even floodlight with the Auxiliary LED.

The main LED has a range of outputs from the Turbo mode of 550 lumens (145m range), a high of 200 lumens (90m range) and a medium output of 60 lumens (46m range).

The high CRI Auxiliary White LED provides a warmer more natural light output, with a wide spread/flood beam, there are 2 levels in this mode, 50 lumens and an ultra low of 6 lumens.

Red LED can be static (5 lumens) or the special mode of slow flashing (10 lumens). Two other special modes are the main LED with SOS and Beacon (both 550 lumens). These 3 Light sources, with 5 levels and 3 special modes, will suit many different uses, where more range is needed, or where a wider floodlight is required. Red can help preserve night vision, and the special modes can be useful for an emergency or signalling.

Twin Buttons with Lock-out

Nitecore have made the NU31 easy to use thanks to the well designed buttons on the top. The main power button is a larger rectangular shape, which is used for On/Off and adjusting the brightness. The mode button next to it is round, and this controls the light source/switching. A lock-out is also available when transporting the headlamp, to stop it from turning on by accident.

The built in battery is charged via Type C connection, this high capacity battery has plenty of endurance and is considerably higher than many headlamps of this side. It’s rated to 1800mAh, which is around 3 times the capacity of a typical 16340/RCCR123A cell.

A 4 stage battery LED is clearly visible on the case, giving you a great idea of how much capacity is left in the cell (1-4 levels in 25% increments). This model also have an ultra low standby power consumption, you can charge and store it for extended periods without any notable power loss to the cell.

High visibility headband, has many markings and dots, it’s ideal for improving visibility and has a high comfort.

Nitecore have tested the NU31 to IP66 Water/dust protection and a drop test of 1 metre. It’s made from strong polycarbonate and aluminum alloy on the front panel. A compact, but excellent performer which is suited for general use, hiking, or running thanks to it’s small form factor and lighter weight.

Nitecore NU31 Key Features

> Triple LED Output, White (Spotlight), White (Floodlight) with Red Light (Static/Flashing)
Power up to 550 lumens (Spotlight), and 60 lumens (Flood). Range of 145m (550 lumens)
High CRI Auxiliary Floodlight >90 CRI
Run times up to 147h (Flood 6 lumens) or 38 hours (spotlight medium 60 lumens) or 8 hours (spot high 200 lumens)
Lightweight and small: 62.3mm x 46mm x 35.6mm (2.45" x 1.81" x 1.40"), and a weight of 95.5g (3.37 oz)
3 Special modes, Red Flashing, SOS and Beacon
Ideal for runners due to small size/weight
Single piece Optical lens for an improved beam profile
Dual button operation makes it easy to operate, with Lock-out
High capacity built in Li-ion 1800mAh battery with 4 stage power level indicator
Quality reflective headband
Type C charging port
Strong body with Aluminum front panel and polycarbonate body – impact tested to 1 metre with IP66 weather resistance

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