Nitecore MT2A Pro Dual Power 1000 Lumens AA Flashlight

Nitecore MT2A Pro Dual Power 1000 Lumens AA Flashlight

This latest release from Nitecore bring a popular battery format (AA) with the advantages of a rechargeable power pack.

The MT2A PRO flashlight can be powered via the included Li-on battery pack NL1416R (capacity 1600mAh) with run times up to 20 hours (50 lumens). It’s charged via a built in type C port. In addition to this battery pack, users can use 2 x AA batteries for additional power or as a back up.

There are 3 power levels using the battery pack, and 2 using normal AA cells. Top output of 1000 lumens (Li-ion) with a highest level of 500 lumens. Range is up to a very respectable 255 metres (Li-ion) with a distance of 188 metres (using 2 x AA).

A simple body design with knurling and a removable two way clip, the U shape tail switch is easy to reach and can tail stand too.

Premium grade aluminium alloy body, with hardened glass cover with HAIII hard coating for long term endurance. Nitecore have rated the MT2A Pro to IP68 with 2 metres water submersion, and 1 metres impact resistance.

It’s still quite compact 142.8mm x 19.7mm x 19.5mm (length x head x body diameter), with a weight of just 40g (without battery).

Up to 255 metres range with 3 power levels (2 with AA cells)

Nitecore are using their new in house produced LEDs in this model, the UHi20 which offers improved brightness, efficiency and range. It features on a number of their new flashlights.

With the Li-ion battery pack there are 3 power levels from 50 lumens, 300 lumens, and 1000 lumens. Using 2 x AA cells, you have a low and mid output, 60 lumens and 500 lumens. Still very capable power with either option, and the ability to use regular easy to find AA cells makes it an ideal every day use flashlight around the house, at work or camping.

A classic design on the tail cap, with the U shape for easy to find switch location. A full press for on and off, with a half press to cycle the power levels. This simple UI is easy to pick up for the user.

Nitecore MT2A Pro: Key Features

> Up to 1000 lumens output with a range of 255 metres (with battery pack)
> Dual power - Choice of Li-ion battery pack or 2 x AA cells
> Up to 3 power levels (2 with AA cells)
> Nitecore designed in house LED -  UHi20 for improved performance
> Stainless steel double clip
> U shape tail cap for tail stand and easy to use UI
> Battery pack with USB-C charging
> Drop tested to 1 metre with tempered glass cover with anti reflective coatings.
> Size: 142.8mm x 19.7mm x 19.5mm , 40g weight (no battery)
> IP68 Water and dust resistance up to 2 metres water submersion, with aero grade aluminum alloy body material

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