Nitecore NU40 Lightweight High Performance Headlamp

Nitecore NU40 Lightweight High Performance Headlamp

Designed for users who don’t want to compromise on run times with a high capacity built in 18650 Li-ion battery (2600mAh). The NU40 is also quite light too, at 116g (4.09oz), and smaller than many 18650 models with a size of 79.8mm x 46.1mm x 43.9 (3.14” x 1.81” x 1.73”).

Nitecore didn’t skimp on features, the NU40 has 5 power levels with a top Turbo output of 1000 lumens. This beam has a wide spread, but can also hit a distance of 100 metres. Ideal for many uses. 2 Types of strobe (Beacon and SOS) A Red auxiliary light is also built in, with a static or flashing mode. At the ultralow level the NU40 can run for an impressive 120 hours.

A built in optical sensor can also ramp down the output when close objects are detected to sto p overheating.

It’s impact tested to 2 metres, with a weather resistance rating of IP68. An aluminum front panel helps remove heat, and also provides a strong solid build quality.

USB C charging can put the battery back to full capacity from flat in just 1.5 hours.

5 Power Levels with an additional Red LED for enhanced night sight

Nitecore have redesigned their optical lens, the new “Truevision +” lens features a high transmission of 94%, and gives a wide even/soft beam profile for illuminating a large area. The hotspot is more diffused compared to traditional lenses.

The NU40 has an optical sensor built in, this detects close up objects and drops the power output for safety.

5 main power levels are wide and even, from a very low 8 lumens, then in 100/300/600 increments, with a top turbo level of 1000 lumens. Range varies from 8 metres at the ultralow, up to 100 metres in Turbo. Two flashing modes (at 1000 lumens each), the useful SOS and Beacon.

Red Auxiliary LED has multiple uses, helping to preserve night vision. It is capable of 10 lumens output, in both constant on, and slow flashing modes.

Dual button interface, with lock out

Ease of use on the headlamp is enhanced, thanks to the dual buttons on the top. The main mode button is a smaller round one, which changes the light sources (or operation mode), a larger longer rectangular one has a dimpled texture making it easier to feel by touch. This turns the NU40 On/Off and adjusts the power output.

In addition to the sensor mode, this model also has a lock out function. Both ensure that the headlamp won’t activate by accident, and it won’t cause any damage should it be turned on and left up close to an object, or carried in a bag.

A new bracket is close to the centre of gravity, which gives a more comfortable fit, and improves stability.

The built in battery is charged via Type C connection which has a rotary cover which protects the port from dirt/dust and damage. It has fast charging speeds – where a full battery from flat can be achieved in as little as one hour 30 minutes

A 4 stage battery LED is clearly visible on the case, giving you a great idea of how much capacity is left in the cell (1-4 levels in 25% increments)

Nitecore have tested the NU40 to IP68 water and dust protection, with a drop test of 2 metres. It’s made from strong polycarbonate and aluminum alloy on the front.

Nitecore NU40 Key Features

> Dual LED White/Red output
Compact and light: 79.8mm x 46.1mm x 43.9 (3.14” x 1.81” x 1.73”) 116g (4.09oz)
> 5 Power levels with a top output of up to 1000 lumens (100m range)
> SOS and Beacon modes
Red LED has static and flashing modes for enhanced night vision
New TrueVision + Optical lens for a smoother beam profile
Up to 120 hours run time (ultralow mode)
Dual button operation makes it easy to operate
Sensor protection function prevents high output with close objects
Lock out function for storage/transportation
High capacity built in 2600mAh battery with 4 stage power level indicator
Type C charging port with rotating cover to protect from dirt/damage
High grade Polycarbonate and Aluminum body – drop tested to 2 metres with IPX68 weather resistance

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