Nitecore Launches NU43 — World's Lightest Rechargeable Headlamp

Nitecore Launches NU43 — World's Lightest Rechargeable Headlamp

With the German iF Design Award, the American International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), the Japanese G-Mark (Good Design), and Red Dot Design Award under their belt, NITECORE boasts of being a global leader in chargers and LED flashlights. This notion inspired the company to come up with the World's lightest rechargeable headlamp, NITECORE NU43.

NU43 headlamp

Lightest rechargeable headlamp capable of producing 1400 lumens

The NITECORE NU43 has a light built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery with a high capacity capable of achieving the combination of long runtime, lightweight and outstanding capacity. NITECORE NU43 is made of plastic but is perfectly crafted to meet all your lighting needs. USB rechargeable and waterproof, NU43 is the lamp you can rely on for industrial, professional, and domestic use. 

The lamp can produce over 1,400 lumens when you turn on the floodlight and the spotlight. This helps those who perform various errands at night find their way and search in the dark. It's attached with a unibody optical lens system capable of transmitting over 94% of the light. Featuring TrueVision+ Technology, NU43 reflects uniform and quiet light necessary for signage searching and road observation. 

The lamp is powered by 3,400mAh 18650 Li-ion battery, and on 100 lumens MID level, it can run continuously for up to 15 hours. It comes with a USB, meaning it's USB rechargeable and can charge while being used. The lamp is constructed from a combination of aluminum and plastic, making it very light as it weighs only 116g. Furthermore, the NU43 takes a maximum of two hours to charge fully. 

It also has a two buttons interface which allows for direct operation. To turn the power on, press the power button for one second. And to turn it off, long press any button also for not less than one second. It also gives you direct access to the ultra-low level or red light. Because NITECORE knows most of their customers may not manage to be careful enough with the devices due to varied uses and functions, they built NU43 with multiple protection safeguards. These include transportation guarantee, sensor protection function, and lockout mode. Furthermore, it's 2m impact resistant and is ideal for camping, trekking, trail running, cycling, and much more. 

NU43 headlamp


The smart sensors can dim the light if something is near it.


The dual output is not only smaller but also brighter and longer. The NU43 is an upgrade of the highly rated NU33. Being an upgrade, it allows one to switch between the red LED to five brightness settings. 


The lamp comes with a fast-charging USB cable that's capable of charging the lamp in two hours. 


It features a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that can run continuously for 10 hours at 600 lumens and up to 29 hours at 100 lumens. 


It has two buttons with safety lockout for on and off functions. 


A USB port seal keeps water and dust away plus it can resist any force coming in at a distance of 2M or less. 

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