Nitecore NWL20: All-new Multi Function Ultra Compact 600 Lumens Work Light

Nitecore NWL20: All-new Multi Function Ultra Compact 600 Lumens Work Light

A new ultra compact light from Nitecore, the NWL20 Work Light has an impressive output of up to 600 lumens, and it also features 3 output modes a floodlight output, a spotlight and red (with static and flashing modes).

3 modes are available for spotlight, 2 for floodlight and 2 for the red.

Range of up to 93 meters spotlight (600 lumens), and 20 metres with the highest level on the floodlight (260 lumens). Run times are long with a rated run time of 78 hours for the floodlight low mode (30 lumens).

Power is via a removable 21700 Li-ion rechargeable battery, this standard popular cell means you can swap out the battery when it’s run down and quickly replace it, or when it’s worn out you can continue to use the light with a new cell. High capacity of 5000mAh ensures excellent endurance.

Type C charging is built into the body with a speed of 5V 2A for quick recharging.

A built in hook with a magnetic base can be flipped out and attached to items, making is perfect as a work light, but also for camping or emergency use. With 180 degree angle adjustment lets you put the light where you need it.

The body of the NWL20 Work Light is made from strong and durable ABS plastics to survive use in all conditions.

It is rated to IPX5 water and dust resistance, and can be used in all weather conditions. Nitecore have drop tested it to 1 metre.Small enough to carry anywhere 216.7mm x 50mm x 41.2mm (including base), and a weight of just 153g (no battery).

5 Output levels, with 3 sources and a special mode

Using the Nitecore NWL20, give users a versatile output choice, with 3 levels available in spotlight mode (from 125 lumens to 600 lumens), 2 levels in floodlight (30 lumens and 260 lumens). Red is also built into the body, giving a respectable 30 lumens output in static and flashing modes, Red is useful for emergency signalling or using it to help preserve night vision.

A glow in the dark LED strip makes it easy to find the light even in dim conditions.

It has a USB C charging port and supports rapid charging with the intelligent charging function. It takes around 3 hours to charge the 5000mAh battery from flat to full.

A single button UI makes the Nitecore a very easy device to use and operate. It has the expected mode memory too so you can return to the last level used when it’s powered back on.

On the side a 4 level LED indicator shows you the remaining battery capacity in 25% increments.

Nitecore NWL20 Key Features

> 3 Modes, COB Floodlight, Spotlight and Red Light output. Up to 600 lumens output
> 5 power levels on the Spot/Floodlight modes, with a static and flashing red mode
> Range of up to 93 metres (spotlight 600 lumens)
> Run time up to 78 hours (floodlight low 30 lumens)
> Single button UI with mode memory
> Ideal for work on emergency back up light
> Type C charging port with charge and battery level indicators
> Comes with a high capacity rechargeable 21700 Li-ion battery (5000mAh), can be removed/replaced by unscrewing the cap
> Compact and light: 216.7mm x 50mm x 41.2mm (including base), weight of just 153g (no battery)
> Magnetic base and hook built in
> Can be angled 180 degrees from the base
> Dust and water resistance rating of IPX5, drop tested to 1 metre
> High quality ABS plastic body for superior wear resistance and endurance

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