NITECORE P35i LEP Precision Long Range Flashlight Released

NITECORE P35i LEP Precision Long Range Flashlight Released

NITECORE P series product line adds another member, the night long-range expert-P35i LEP precision long-range flashlight. The P35i uses a CLASS 1standard LEP light source, which has an ultra-long range of 1650 meters and high safety. With six GREE XP-G3 LED light sources, it can burst out 3000 lumens of dazzling light in an instant.


P35i has three modes to choose from, with a range of 1650 meters in focus mode, which is suitable for long-distance search, rescue and night patrol. The floodlight mode can turn on 3000 lumens of lighting, which is suitable for close lighting, industrial maintenance and emergency rescue. Mixed mode emphasizes custom function settings, which can customize the range and lumen value of the flashlight and combine them into a personal gear.

To improve the ease of use of the product, the P35i has a built-in multi-functional OLED display, which can display information such as gear, lumen value, current mode and range in real time. Next to the display screen is a round shift button, which is easy to use with the bottom switch button.

The P35i comes standard with a 5000 mAh lithium battery and RSW2i Typec-C tactical tail cable, which can adjust the brightness and turn on the one-button flash mode. P35i adopts multiple heat dissipation design, built-in ATR temperature control module, lightweight aerospace aluminum alloy shell, and additional heat dissipation fin design at the lamp holder which is easy to accumulate heat, which further improves the heat dissipation efficiency of the flashlight.


P35i has IP68 protection grade and 1 meter anti-drop capability, which is not afraid of the complex and changeable outdoor use environment. For more information, please click:NITECORE P35i LEP Flashlight.


> Maximum Brightness:3000 lumen
> Peak Beam Distance:1840 yards
> Peak Beam Intensity:678000 cd
> IP Rating:IP68
> Impact Resistance:1 m
> Dimensions:L-7.36"xW-2.56"xH-1"
> Weight:10.46oz

Flood Mode:
> Turbo: 3000 lumens / 45 mins
> High: 1000 lumens / 2 hrs
> Mid: 300 lumens / 6 hrs 45 mins
> Low: 70 lumen / 28 hrs
> UltraLow: 10 lumens / 60 hrs

Spot Mode:
> Turbo: 410 lumens / 2 hrs 15 mins
> High: 200 lumens / 3 hrs
> Mid: 130 lumens / 4 hrs 30 mins
> Low: 65 lumen / 8 hrs
> UltraLow: 25 lumens / 12 hrs

Mix Mode:
> High: 3000 lumens / 45 mins
> Mid: 420 lumens / 2 hrs 45 mins
> Low: 130 lumen / 6 hrs
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