Nitecore Release All -new Bubble Portable Camping Lantern

Nitecore Release All -new Bubble Portable Camping Lantern

A new lantern from Nitecore and one which will surely appeal to camping enthusiasts and users who like to have the choice of a dual/hybrid power source.

The Bubble can take either the rechargeable HLB1300 battery pack (rated to 1300mAh), or 3 x AAA batteries, giving you a choice of power, or for use as a back up.

It’s available in 5 colors: Snow White, Tulip Yellow, Pale Mint, Languid Lavender, and Misty Rose.

Using 4 high CRI LEDs it’s output is 100 lumens at the highest level, with 2 lower ones available. A Candle mode is included too (100-120 lumens), this creates a glow and light reaction similar to a real candle.

Touch sensitive controls on the body for ease of use.A soft silicone handle for hanging the lantern, as well as the magnetic contacts so you can attach it to metal items.

Body is made from strong polycarbonate and silicone, with an IPX4 weather resistance rating (dust/rain proof).Size is 72mm (diameter) x 132mm, with a weight of 106g (with batteries).

3 Power levels with up to 100 lumens output with 4 High CRI LEDs

Using the 4 high CRI LED’s (CRI > 90) and a 360 degree diffused light source, the output of the Bubble is a warmer more natural 2700K, making this ideal as a camping light and very easy on the eyes even for extended periods of time.

The top output is 100 lumens in High mode, a Mid at 40 lumens and a lower level of 6 lumens. The candle mode has a range from 100-120 lumens and flickers mimicking a normal candle light.

Low mode (6 lumens) can run for as long as 42 hours.It’s also an option to add a lamp shade to the lantern, giving you a wider spread out lightweight.

Touch Control with dual power sources

Using a built in touch sensitive switch, the Bubble is very easy to operate, a longer press (touch and hold) for On/Off, and a quick touch to cycle the brightness levels/mode adjustment. It’s possible to lock-out the lantern by rotating the top of the unit to the Lock position.

The option to use 2 different power sources gives increased versatility, using the 1300mAh battery pack (with a built in type C charging port and charge indicators), or by the widely available AAA battery size, 3 of these cells are required to power the unit.

A solid built is needed for any lantern, to protect from drops and knocks. With the tough polycarbonate body the Bubble is built to last and is water and dust resistant too (IPX4 rated).

Nitecore Bubble Key Features

> 4 High CRI LEDs (2700K CRI >90) with a maximum output of 100 lumens
> 3 Power levels with special “candle mode”
> Compact body: 72mm (diameter) x 132mm, weight of 106g (with batteries)
> Silicone handle, with magnets
> Dual power source, battery pack or 3 x AAA batteries
> Touch sensitive control
> Run time up to 42 hours (low 6lm)
> Available in 5 colors: Snow White, Tulip Yellow, Pale Mint, Languid Lavender, and Misty Rose
> IPX4 weather resistance

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