Nitecore Launches SRT7i 3000lumens 580m Long Range Tactical Flashlight

Nitecore Launches SRT7i 3000lumens 580m Long Range Tactical Flashlight

This addition to the SRT range is surely going to appeal to many users, Nitecore have a very impressive throw on the SRT7i, up to 580 metres in the Turbo (3000 lumens) mode.

It also features Nitecore’s 4th generation smart selector ring (for quick access to the various modes and lock-out function) Dual tail buttons with a 2 stage mode button for quick access to Turbo/Strobe.

Perhaps the biggest feature is the stepless power adjustment/levels. You can pick any level from 0.1 lumen, all the way up to 3000 lumens, all via the smart selector ring.

Body material is aero grade heat treated aluminum for a tough finish. It’s drop tested to 2 metres, with a weather resistance rating of IP68, with 2 metres water submersion. It features a hard silicon nitride ceramic bezel design for ease of glass breaking and durability. Yet the smooth points won’t dig into materials or clothe like some strike bezels do.

Power is via Niteore’s i series 21700 custom battery (5000mAh), but it can also be used with 2 x CR123A/16340 cells too via an adapter. Run time are up to huge 800 hours (at the lowest level).

USB C charging is quick and can bring the battery to full capacity from flat in just 2.5 hours. And a 3 stage power level LED indicator is built into the body.

Size is 163mm x 40mm x 25.8mm x31mm (length, head/tube/tail diameter) with a weight of 175g.

Stepless Power Levels from 0 – 3000 lumens with  an 87,500 candela beam

Luminus SFT-70 LED has a powerful output up to 3000 lumens output with an impressively long range of 580 metres. Nitecore are using a precision made smooth reflector with optical crystal coatings to ensure the best beam possible.

By using stepless adjustment on the control ring you can pick any level from a tiny firefly output of 0.1 lumen up to the hard hitting 3000 Lumens Turbo.

Random frequency strobe is more effective at dazzling opponents (range 16-20Hz), then traditional fixed frequency strobe modes on many flashlights.

In the TAC mode you can also directly access a lower level momentary (100 lumens).

The range on the SRT7i exceeds most compact flashlights, and is an ideal companion for law enforcement, patrols/security or search and rescue operation. It is also compatible with a signal light, remote switch, and weapon mounts, with additional wands/diffusers also available.

Dual tail switches with SSR (Smart Selector Ring) for rapid tactical control

Nitecore are using their 4th generation selector ring, this can be put into 3 positions simply by rotating it. First the Lock-out mode is there to prevent accidental activation. The stepless setting which lets you adjust the power to your exact requirements (0-3000lm), or the TAC mode.

In TAC mode you can access the momentary low (100lm), or quickly go directly to the strobe or Turbo.

2 switches on the tail switch simplify operation even more. The round power button is easy to feel by touch, next to that the mode button which is a two stage switch (half and full press). The combination of rotary ring and switches make using the SRT7i always intuitive and direct.

Nitecore have a built in battery level check, when you switch on the flashlight you have an LED light up, when it is static and always on, the power is over 50%, slowly flashing it’s under 50% and when the level is critical (below 10%) it will flash quickly.

Power is via the iseries 21700 battery, this custom cell has very low internal resistance and can be charged via the type C port built in (rapid charging up to 2.5 hours), a clever metal flap protects the charging port from damage, more durable than the normal rubber ones most flashlights have.

Nitecore have tested the SRT7i to IP68 water and dust protection and it can be submersed for up to 2 metres, drop proof to 2 metres, and has a strong HAIII military grade hard anodized finish. You can also tail stand the flashlight making this model a versatile offering for users who require tactical features and a high throw beam.

Nitecore SRT7i Key Features

> Luminus SFT-70 LED with a power level from 0-3000 lumens and a range up to 580 metres
4th generation SSR (Smart Selector Ring) lets you pick various modes quickly and easily
Stepless adjustment mode variable power levels
U shaped cap with Dual tail switches/buttons for fast response in tactical situations
Size: 163mm x 40mm x 25.8mm x31mm (length, head/tube/tail diameter) with a weight of 175g
Random frequency strobe
New clip design which can be locked securely in place with the tail cap
3 Stage battery level indicator
Dual springs protect battery during shocks (dropping or weapon mounted)
Tough strike bezel, with ceramic points and hardened glass cover with double coating
Up to 800 hours run time (lowest output)
> Lock out possible via the SSR switch
High capacity I series 21700 5000mAh battery, rapid charging (2.5 hours)
Type C charging port with metal flap
Optional Weapon mounts, traffic wands, and remote switches available for a full tactical load out
High grade type III hardened Aluminum body – drop tested to 2 metres with IPX68 weather resistance to 2 metres water submersion

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