Nitecore TM9K Pro Upgraded 9900 Lumens High Performance Flashlight

Nitecore TM9K Pro Upgraded 9900 Lumens High Performance Flashlight

This updated version of the Tiny Monster 9K, features the newly developed NiteLab Uhu 40 Max LED, offering improved efficiency, output and beam profile.

Triple LED’s from NiteLab have 27 cores in total giving a more even distribution of power and spread, with 4 power levels, including a search (6000 lumens) with a more focussed beam and range of 510 metres, top level is the Luminshield output of 9900 lumens with a range of 450 metres in total.

It still features the compact tactical style body, with dual tail switches for simple and fast operation. A built in high capacity 5000mAh Li-ion high drain cell, with fast type C charging port for rapid charging.

A built in proximity sensor prevents heat damage at close range, ramping down the power level so that items won’t burn or get hot with the high level of power here. It’s a useful safety feature appearing on many higher performance flashlights.

Nitecore are well known for their high build quality, and the TM9K Pro continues this trend with a stainless steel strike bezel, built in tactical ring for improve grip and comfort, and using aero grade aluminum alloy body materials, for long term durability and service life.

It’s rated to IP68 water resistance (2 metres submersion), and has been drop tested to 1 metre. Still a small pocket friendly size of just 133mm x 40mm, with a weight of 227g (battery included).

New Triple NiteLab Uhi 40 MAX LEDs with 27 cores and a range up to 510 metres

Two modes are available with Search/Luminshield for a more focussed beam or a wider combination beam. With 4 levels of brightness from an ultralow of 30 lumens, up to high of 2000 lumens, Search mode (spotlight) of 6000 lumens, with the full Luminshield output of 9900 lumens.

These new LED’s are in house developed by Nitecore, and offer notable improvements with power efficiency, output, range and with multiple cores which give a more even spread of light and provide superior beam profiles to single LEDs.

The previous TM9K was limited to 9500 lumens and had a maximum range of 268 metres, this offers a significant improvement in terms of range (almost double), making it a more versatile offering for many types of users and tasks.

Dual switches offer quick simple and intuitive operation, with lock-out function for safety, and a built in power level indicator showing you have much power is left.

Nitecore TM9K Pro: Key Features

> New improved power and range, with a top level of 9900 Lumens and range of 510 metres
> Featured newly developed NiteLab Uhi 40 MAX LEDs with 27 cores, almost twice the range of the previous TM9K model
> Search mode and Luminshield output for spotlight and mix beam output
> Built in high performance 5000mAh Li-ion battery
> USB-C charging supporting quick charge
> Run time up to 65 hours (ultralow 30 lumens)
> Proximity sensor ramps power down at close distances for safe operation
> Power level indicator (3 stage)
> Built in tactical ring, with Two tail switches for quick operation
> Stainless steel strike bezel, tempered glass cover with anti reflective coatings
> Small size:  133mm x 40mm, with a weight of 227g
> Aero grade 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy body, drop tested to 1 metre and waterproof to 2 metres (IP68 rating)

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