Niteize Inova T4R: All-new Powerful Tactical 1220 Lumens Long Rang Flashlight

Niteize Inova T4R: All-new Powerful Tactical 1220 Lumens Long Rang Flashlight

A new powerful flashlight from Niteize this model has an impressive long range of 1000 metres (in Turbo mode of 1220 lumens).

It also features another 3 power levels for 4 in total right down to a lower level of 20 lumens, even at this low level if can still reach 122 metres range, thanks to it’s deep reflector which is designed for long throwing performance.

6 modes are present the 4 levels, and a momentary Turbo and strobe, both are useful for signalling or self defence. Run times are up to 112 hours on the low mode (20 lumens).

This Tactical flashlight is powered via a high capacity removable Li-ion battery which is rated to 5000mAh. It can be charging by placing the flashlight into the supplied cradle, or via USB C (cable not included). It takes around 4 hours for a full charge using the cradle. A car/vehicle adapter is also supplied with this kit.

A large rectangular side switch is on the main body, it’s very easy to find even with gloves on and has an excellent tactile feedback.

The body has been designed to provide a very secure hold, with a strong knurling pattern, even when wet it has superior grip.

This flashlight will likely be popular as a duty light for security/law enforcement, but equally well suited to search and rescue thanks to the longer beam range. With this in mind the Inova T4R is built to ensure a hard life, with it’s aero grade aluminum alloy head treated (type III spec) body, it’s a rugged flashlight which is also has extensive sealing rated to IPX4, it’s weatherproof, crushproof and shockproof drop tested to 1 metre.

Long range 1000 metre beam distance with 4 power levels

The tight long reaching beam is made possible using a high quality polished reflector, this gives not only an excellent range, but also a good level of spill so you can not only light up longer distances, but also illuminate closer distances too.

Top level (Turbo) is rated to 1220, it’s joined by 3 other levels with a high of 680 lumens, a medium of 190 lumens, and a low of 20 lumens. A strobe mode is also here, and a momentary for self defence or for alerting other people in an emergency.

The replaceable 5000mAh battery gives excellent run times and has two ways of being charged via USB C (no cable supplied) or the quality cradle used to store the T4R.

Simple UI with the large switch on the side of the body, this is an easy to use flashlight with an impressive range, with a solid build. In addition to the premium aluminum alloy body, the glass cover is hardened to resist cracking (using mineral glass), and is coated on both sides to ensure the best possible light transmission.

Niteize Inova T4R Key Features

> 4 power levels and a strobe with a maximum output of up to 1220 lumens
> Up to 1000 metres range with a deep smooth aluminum reflector
> Momentary Turbo mode
> Supplied with charging cradle and vehicle charging kit (4 hour recharge time using cradle)
> Can be charged via USB C (cable not supplied)
> Tactical style with mid body large switch for quick and easy operation
> Intensive knurling pattern for secure grip
> Run time up to 112 hours (low mode 20 lumens)
> High capacity replaceable Li-ion battery
> Crushproof, shockproof, and water resistant to IPX4
> Anti reflective coated mineral glass cover
> Strong aluminium alloy body with type III hard coating for long term durability

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