Olight Arkflex Right Angle 1000 lumens flashlight

Olight Arkflex Right Angle 1000 lumens flashlight

A first for Olight with this exciting new flashlight, featuring their first 90 degree flexible head. This can be set in a normal position directly forward, or flipped over, giving a right angle light which can be useful for many activities including camping and as a working light. Users have a choice of Black or Orange colors with this model.

Olight have tested the Arkflex mechanism to 10,000 swivel tests, and the design doesn’t have wires to ensure it’s a stable solution long term.

A useful 1000 lumens means you have a wide range of power levels, right down to a 1.5 lumens moonlight mode, with a run time of up to 10 days. A strobe is also included, and the beam has a wider profile for a bigger spill/spread.

Built in Li-ion polymer cell has a good battery capacity of 1050mAh, it has a magnetic base/tail and is charged via Olight’s MCC-1A USB magnetic charging cable (USB).

This slim form factor is a great fit for any pocket or jacket/work top. And the strong clip ensures it remains in place.

Using premium grade aluminum alloy body materials, they have tested the Arkflex to IPX7 for use in all types of weather, and it has passed drop testing of 1 metre.

Slim profile of 108mm x 30mm (length x width), with a thickness of just 12mm and weight of 101g (including battery).

5 levels with strobe mode and easy to find metal side switch

Arkflex has a highest level of 1000 lumens, but includes lower ones such as the high of 400 lumens, medium or 100 lumens, low of 15 lumens and ultra low moonlight of 1.5 lumens.

The 1900cd beam is wide and floody (range 85 metres), making this model perfect for use as a work or inspection light, combined with the 90 degree head articulation, it’s well suited for this task.

Olight have a built in 4 level LED display for the battery status, and the metal side switch is durable and features their simple and intuitive UI. With a single press for On/Off and push/hold to cycle the levels. Shortcuts to strobe and Turbo, and moonlight too, with a useful lock-out function to prevent accidental activation.

Olight Arkflex: Key Features

> 1000 lumens output with a wide floodlight beam distance of 85 metres
> Articulating head can be positioned straight or at 90 degree angle
> Head features non wired design, tested to 10,000 swivel movements
> 5 power levels and strobe mode
> Ideal work or inspection light
> Strong metal clip
> Run time up to 10 days (moonlight 1.5 lumens mode)
> Thin profile: 108mm x 30mm x 12mm, weight of 101g (with battery)
> Magnetic base and charged with the MCC USB Magnetic charging system
> Metal side switch with 4 stage battery level indicator
> Built in 1050mAh Li-ion battery for enhanced run times
> Intuitive UI with shortcuts to Moonlight, Turbo, Strobe and lock-out function
> Premium aluminum alloy body, drop tested to 1 metre with an IPX7 rating for water resistance

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