Olight Debuts All-New Multipurpose Flashlight—Perun 2 Mini

Olight Debuts All-New Multipurpose Flashlight—Perun 2 Mini

A good emergency kit is an essential aspect of survival in whatever  environment, however harsh it might be. And one of the major components of a complete emergency kit is a flashlight. Flashlights can give light in areas or situations where other sources cannot. What's even great about them is that you can carry them around whenever you go in your hand. Flashlights can pass most security checks without landing you in trouble since they're accepted almost anywhere.  

And talking of high-quality flashlights, Olight knows how to give their customers what they need at the right time. A few days into Christmas and new year celebrations, the global tech giant has released the long-awaited Perun 2 Mini flashlight. An upgrade to the Perun Mini, the 2 Mini, is going to be the release of the year. Tiny but mighty, the 2 mini can comfortably fit inside your palm, yet it features an 18% longer battery capacity than the older model. 

The high-Lumen rechargeable flashlight is capable of delivering a maximum output of 1,100 lumens and combines both red and white LED options. The red illumination function helps light your way in the night and doesn't endanger your life by impairing your night vision. Furthermore, it features a removable clip that can hold it in place, especially in a pocket or backpack. Through the upgraded headband, this portable and compact flashlight can meet your various lighting needs. Be it home, work, outdoors, or any other related place, the Perun 2 Mini Flashlight is the solution. 

Features of the Perun 2 Mini flashlight

An upgraded headband and a Magnetic Tail

Olight knows well that, at times, both hands might be held up, yet you still need to see your way through. So they came up with the headband, which has been common with most of their flashlights. But the Perun 2 Mini has an upgraded version, making it the best among all the previous models. It was realized that the headband was a bit heavier and added some unnecessary weight to the flashlight. So in the new version, the contact area between the skin and the headband has been reduced. This not only makes it lighter but also comfortable to wear. It's also elastic with adjustable length allowing it to fit perfectly well on your head. The durable headband is also washable and dries quickly. The flashlight also features a magnetic tail that can attach the light to ferromagnetic metal surfaces. The magnetic surface ensures flexibility and firm positioning of the Perun 2 mini. 

MCC 1A Magnetic Charging Cable

Most USB rechargeable devices always come with their cables included in the package, and the 2 Mini isn't an exception. But what's unique about this powerful flashlight is that it's equipped with a magnetic charging cable that snaps on instantly and starts charging immediately. Honestly, that's not common with most flashlights. The battery, a 650mAh 3.7V IMR16340 Rechargeable Lithium Battery, on a full charge, can run continuously for up to 10 days/240 hours in moonlight mode. It's ideal for long journeys or adventures into unfamiliar places where the need for light may be urgent. 

Three color indicator

While using the flashlight, three colors constantly remind you of the battery percentage so that you don't find yourself in the dark unaware. Green color means your battery power is around 60% and above. A blue color means your battery percentage is between 10% and 60%. A constant red means it's between 10%-5%, while a flashing red color means it's below 5%, and you should be charging it. 

Multipurpose Flashlight

The Perun 2 Mini flashlight has been designed to serve various purposes. You can tie it to the head using the headband as a headlamp or hold it in your palm and use it as a handheld EDC flashlight. It's lighter and doesn't feel heavier or uncomfortable in the hands. Still, it features a magnetic tail that you can attach to any iron surface in the office, home, or other places — the Perun 2 Mini knows no boundaries.

1,100 Lumens and 150 Meters Beam Distance

In its small size, the flashlight can deliver a whopping 1,100 maximum output for up to 85 minutes at 5950 candelas. Then an output of 2 Lumens can run for up to 10 days at 9 candelas. It's also capable of delivering a beam distance of 150 meters at 1100 Lumens. 

Lightweight yet, Impact Resistant

The flashlight weighs only 54g with the battery included, yet it's capable of resisting any force from a distance of 1.5 meters. Furthermore, it measures 64mm in length, 22mm in head diameter, and 20.6mm in body diameter. The body is made using strong aluminum alloy which is also waterproof. 

In the box, you'll get the following items;

  • One Perun 2 Mini Pocket Clip 
  • One Headband
  • Perun 2 Mini User Manual
  • One Headlamp Base
  • A 650mAh 3.7V IMR16340 Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • MCC1A Magnetic Charging Cable
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