Olight Launches Olantern Music Lantern ( 300 lumens LED) with Stereo Sound

Olight Launches Olantern Music Lantern ( 300 lumens LED) with Stereo Sound

Something a little unusual from Olight, not just a lantern but also a full range speaker built into the body! Now you can enjoy illumination and your favourite music in one device.

Featuring dual light sources, and stopless dimming control, the Olantern Music Lantern can run for up to 110 hours on the lowest mode, up to 11 hours at the high mode.

In addition to the light and music function, it can be used as a power bank with an impressive 11,200mAh capacity and capable of 18W power. Ideal for emergency charging of phones or other devices.

360 degree illumination for a wide even beam. And you can pick normal White light modes, or use Warm orange ones for a choice of output.

This unique offering from Olight is both useful and practical for users who are camping or what an outside light source. With the Bluetooth capabilities for pairing you can also enjoy entertainment too.

The Olantern Music is well protected for outside use, with a rating of IPX5 for use in even heavy rain.A tough well built unit, at just 230mm x 124mm (height x diameter), with a weight of 980g which includes the built in batteries (4 x18650 cells).

Step-less Power levels with Stereo output, and can be combined with another unit for “True Stereo”

With a fine control over output and modes you can use the Olantern Music for a cool or warm output, the warm LEDs (rated to 2000-2100K) give an orange glow effect which is good for relaxing and inducing sleep late at night. The white LEDs (5000-5500K) are closer to daylight color temperature, which gives a higher output and more range. Lumens levels from 10-300lm give a wide range of light output.

The built in full range stereo speakers can be further enhanced by pairing up 2 Olantern Music units, giving a true wider stereo output. Internal speakers are rated to 12Watts (x2).

Bluetooth version 5.3 for solid and stable connection, the run time for the speakers is around 34 hours, and has a signal to noise ratio of >81dB for excellent sound quality.

Control is simple via the rotary knob with backlit buttons surrounding the knob, making adjustments or pairing very easy, even in darkness.Type C charging port is a common connection for quick recharging of the lantern.

Olantern Music Key Features

> Warm/Cool light modes with an output from 10-300 lumens with 360 degree light source
> Built in full range stereo speakers 12w x 2 (45mm x 2), with optional pairing of 2 units for “enhanced true stereo”
> Rotary control with backlit buttons surrounding it for quick control of the light/Bluetooth
> 80mm passive radiator for improved bass response
> Stepped or Step-less power output selection
> Bluetooth 5.3
> Light runtime up to 110 hours (lowest output)
> Speaker runtime rated to 34 hours
> Type C charging port with power bank function
> High capacity battery (11,200mAh)
> Size: 230mm x 124mm (height x diameter), with a weight of 980g (with batteries)
> Durable body with IPX5 water and dust resistance

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