Olight O’ Pen Glow: Innovative Rechargeable 120 lumens Pen Flashlight

Olight O’ Pen Glow: Innovative Rechargeable 120 lumens Pen Flashlight

Another innovative product from Olight, this time a compact pen with built in adjustable power flashlight.

With an LED integrated into the clip section the power levels ranging from 5 lumens up to 120 lumens. It also has a 0.2 lumens light built into the pen tip, so you can write in complete darkness! Run times are up to 5 hours (moon 5 lumens), or 2.5 hours for the pen tip LED. A green pointer is also present, useful for presentations.

To recharge simply pop the pen into the USB powered charging base.The O’ Pen Glow is available in 4 colors, Stars & Stripes Edition, Black, OD Green and Blue (a glow  Stars and Stripes version is another option).

Superior grip is important for any pen, and Olight have designed a new textured finish to the barrel so you can get a better grip on the pen. A bolt action for the ball point lets you quickly lock it into place or retract it.

Made from AL6061-T6 Aluminum alloy, the O’ Pen Glow is well made and also IPX4 weather resistant (top part), with a size of 155mm x 12.7mm (pen tip retracted/diameter), and the base is 38.5mm x 23mm (length x diameter). It’s light at just 38g (1.34oz).

4 Power levels with Green Presentation Pointer & Pen Tip Light

The highest output is 120 lumens, which is quite impressive for the small size, a medium and low offer 60 lumens and 20 lumens respectively, with an even lower output of 5 lumens in moon mode (this can run for up to 5 hours on a single charge). The top of the pen can be removed, so you can use the pen and light separately if needed.

Using the built in pointer can be useful for making presentations, this laser is running at 510-530nm, and can last up to 6 hours run time.

A low output pen tip light is also included, enabling you to write in complete darkness. With it’s 0.2lm output.Pen tip is 4000K a warmer tint with the main clip light is 5700K.

A built in Li-ion polymer battery is rated to 110mAh capacity, and is charged via a compact and clever USB C charging base. Just retract the pen tip and put the pen into this – it can charge the O’ Pen from flat to full in around 55 minutes. The charging base also features an adhesive base, so it can be stuck to a desk or surface, stopping it from slipping or falling over. A green/red charging indicator lets you know when it has finished.

Easy UI with lock-out function

Controlling the O’ Pen Glow is very easy with the simple UI thanks to the tail switch (top of the pen), you can quickly select the level and mode, and it also has a lock-out function. To lock simply press/hold the switch for 2 seconds.

Bolt action for the pen tip, locks the tip firmly in place, and it also turns On/Off the green pointer (when pushed to the up position).

Durable Aluminum alloy body material makes the O’ Pen Glow a strong and long lasting choice, with re-fills available for the pen, it has a superior grip on the body, and is weather resistant to IPX4 (top of pen). It’s a very useful item to have at work or at home.

Olight O’ Pen Glow Key Features

> Built in main clip LED with 4 power levels and up to 120 lumens output (5700K)
> Green laser pointer for presentations and Pen Tip Light for writing in complete darkness (0.2lm 4000K)
> Up to 5 hours run time (clip LED moon mode 5 lumens)
> Bolt action Pen tip lock (also controls green laser when pushed up)
> Charging base (USB – C) with stick on pad for secure fitting
> Choice of 4 colors
> Charge time around 55 minutes
> Easy UI with lock-out function
> Small size: 155mm x 12.7mm (pen tip retracted/diameter), with a weigh of 38g (1.34oz)
> High quality  AL6061-T6 Aluminum alloy, with superior grip design for writing comfort
> IPX4 weather resistance

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