Olight Open Pro - The Pen with Flashlight and Laser Pointer Built In

Olight Open Pro - The Pen with Flashlight and Laser Pointer Built In

This new addition to the Open pro range has some useful features. Not only is the Open Pro and high quality bolt action pen. It also has a slim body style, and includes an LED flashlight built into the pen. As if this was not enough, Olight went a stage further, and added a green pointer! Making the Pen a perfect all round EDC carry, and useful for a variety of situations including use in the office.

A built in type C port can be accessed by unscrewing the body, and a full charge from flat is achieved in about 55 minutes. A total of 4 power outputs available for the built in LED, with an impressive run time up to 8 hours.

Olight have used their high strength Aluminum Alloy body, and a nice compact size of 153mm (6.02”) with the tip retracted, and 12.7mm (0.5”) body diameter. It’s light pen at 35g (1.23oz) including the refill and built in battery. A large range of colors (11 in total) are available with the Open Pro. Black, Orange, Ember Red, Copper, Lake Blue, Zirconium Damascus, Blue, Purple, Titanium, Deep Sea Blue, Brass Bark

4 Power levels with the built in LED on the clip

By placing the LED onto the strong clip, this allows the light pattern to be spread forward without covering it up by accident. It also means it is possible to put the pen clipped into a pocket and project the light beam forward.

There are 4 output modes with the Open Pro, the top level of 120 lumens has a range of 14 metres, 60 lumens hits 10 metres, with 20 lumens reaching 6 metres, and the last level is a lower output for up close activities, an eye friendly 5 lumens.

Run times vary from 8 hours as the lowest 5 lumens level, to 23 minutes at the impressive 120 lumen output.

The light source is also a higher kelvin warm white LED, which is rated to 3000K, this provides a more comfortable experience, as well as improved color accuracy compared to cooler LED sources.

Green Beam Laser is located on the top of the pen it is a class one laser with a wavelength of 508-530nm, and a run time of 4 hours and 3 minutes (full charge). This green beam is ideal for lecturing or use on a presentation as a pointer.

Easy Operation with the bolt action push button

To use the Open Pro as a pen simple push the L type bolt action button down and lock it into place.

To activate the flashlight, just slide up the button to turn on (starts at 5 lumens default level), slide up to cycle the low/medium/high/moon levels. You also have access to the high level directly by sliding up twice.

Using the Green Beam you just slide up and hold to turn it on or offering

The built in 110mAh Lithium Polymer battery is charged via a type C connection, with simple indicators letting you know when it is charging and completed. Charging from flat takes just under 1 hour (55 minutes)

Tip of the pen is made from a durable stainless steel, this delivers a clean and smooth writing experience. Refills are available (RF-OL182X BK Refill), an extra one is included in the pack. This perhaps the ultimate all in one EDC carry, a compact high quality pen, with an LED flashlight built in with 4 power levels and a green laser pointer.

Olight Open Pro Key Features 

  • Compact size: 153mm (6.02”) with the tip retracted, and 12.7mm (0.5”) diameter with a weight of just 35g (1.23oz)
  • 4 Power levels with a maximum output of 120 lumens and a range of 14 metres. Built into the pen clip
  • Green Laser Pointer integrated into the top cap
  • Warm White LED with 3000K color temperature
  • Simple operation via the sliding bolt action push button
  • Type C charging port integrated into the body, with a charge time of 55 minutes and a maximum run time of 8 hours
  • Hardened type III Aluminum body, with ergonomic design for comfortable and secure grip
  • 2 Year Olight Warranty


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