Olight Releases Obulb Pro S Multi Color Light with Bluetooth

Olight Releases Obulb Pro S Multi Color Light with Bluetooth

Sitting in the middle of the Obulb range the Pro S still have the functions and features user would expect in an Obulb light!

With a highest level of 240 lumens, it can still provide plenty of well diffused light and go down to a little as 0.8 lumens output. Stepless control is available with the base switch letting you pick a level between 1-100% output.

RGB LEDs let you pick from many different colors and hues, and different output levels.Available in 5 different body colors! Grey, Black, OD Green, Blue and Orange.

Control can be via the touch body (on the base), or with the new App which has been enhanced to provide more preset controls (different modes including candlelight, flickering, flashing, and breathing effects etc). Even modes such as a sound control where it responds to music or noises, or timers.

A good capacity battery is built into the Pro S, rated at 1650mAh it can run for 6.5 days (low white mode 0.8lm output).

Fast USB magnetic charging via the included MCC, this is part of Olight’s magnetic charging system and is compatible with many of their flashlights too. A flat battery can be brought up to full in around 3 hours.

The base is magnetic and has an included metal pad with high strength tape on the base. This lets you attach the Pro S to almost any surface.It’s a small unit at just 65mm (body diameter) x 58mm (height), and a mere 105g in weight (with the built in battery).

Made from touch polycarbonate materials, the Obulb Pro S is more durable than you think, it can survive impacts from 1.5 metres in height, and is rated to IPX7 weather resistance.

RGB LEDs with a White LED output of up to 240 lumens

The multi color modes are made possible with a huge variety of hues, thanks to the RGB LEDs. You can make fine adjustments to this in the app too, save your favourite ones and use different modes like breathing effects, fire, flickering etc.

Main White LED has a top output of 240 lumens, and can be adjusted in power stepless from 1-100%. The smooth even beam is ideal for use in many situations, from camping, working lantern, or for fun around the home.

Some useful modes a countdown timer, a blackout helper (turn on the light via your phone), and a reactive mode to sounds, such as speech or music. Of course if you own multiple Obulbs you can control them in groups too.

Control via the App or with the base switch

It’s convenient to have different ways to control the Obulb. And Olight have provided that with this model

Not only do you have comprehensive control via the App and Bluetooth, but you also have stepless dimming via the switch at the base or bottom. Simply press/hold to adjust the output as required, then let go to maintain that level.

A tough polycarbonate body is resistant to marks and damage, and Olight have drop tested it to 1.5 metres, and rated it to IPX7.A useful and versatile lighting device which many will find both entertaining and extremely useful.

Olight Obulb Pro S Key Features

> Up to 240 lumens output (white LED) with a lowest level of just 0.8lm
RGB light output for many colors/hues
Size: 65mm (body diameter) x 58mm (height), and 105g weight
Touch control switch on base with stepless dimming (1-100%) or control via the Bluetooth App with many custom function such as timers, modes, and group control
Run time up to 6.5 days (white low 0.8lm)
Extra features such as countdown timers, group control (for users who have more than one Obulb), and sound reactive mode
Magnetic base
Quick charging magnetic via magnetic USB cable, can be charged from flat to full in 3 hours
Polycarbonate body is strong and durable, drop tested to 1.5 metres and rated to IPX7 water resistance
High capacity 1650mAh built in rechargeable Li-ion battery. Battery indicator accurately shown in app
Useful for an emergency back up light or for camping/working

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