Pair your pistol with the newest edition of the Olight weaponlight lineup: the Olight PL-3 Valkyre!

Pair your pistol with the newest edition of the Olight weaponlight lineup: the Olight PL-3 Valkyre!

Powered by 2 reliabel CR123A batteries, the PL-3 Valkyrie has a blinding output of 1300 lumens, with a maximum throw of 225 meters. See even beyond the reach of your pistol with the PL-3.Compared to the PL-2, the outpput has been increased by 8%, furthermore a 200 lumen low setting has been added, when less light is needed or when you need to save the battery.

When designing the PL-3 valkyrie, Olight's team kept in mind both left and right handed people, so the PL-3 has ambidextrous controls; so with both hands you can easily switch between the three output modes.

The sliding block on the rail mount can now be adjusted in 3 position, so you can set the light on the rail with more freedom, making the PL3 compatible with even more handguns. The toughness of the mount has also been improved, thanks to a new screw, that also allows easy takedown. The screw can be screwed and unscrewed easily, by hand, with a hex wrench or a coin.

Olight's team did not go easy when designing and testing the PL3 Valkyrie, with a simulated shooting test in extreme conditions: 10 lights were subjected to the very high recoil for 45'000 continuous rounds, for a recoil of around 37 foot pounds (equivalent to 50 joules).

To fit your pistol, the PL-3 Valkyrie comes with the rail adapters, making the light able to be mounted securely both on glock rails and picatinny rails. The PL-3 is now compatible with several models of Glock, Sig Sauer, Walther, Smith & Wesson, CZ, Springield, Canik and other handguns.

In dire situations, where light matters, you can rely on the extended runtime of the PL3, with a max runtime of 270 uninterrupted minutes.The dual mode setting switch allows easily to turn the light on or activate the strobe depending on the button pressed.

We know you picked your handgun of a specific color, that's why the PL-3 Valkyrie comes in a variety of colour to be better paired with your gun: the classic black anodisation, desert tan and gunmetal grey.With a weight of just 119 grams including the battery, and measuring 81 mm in lenght, 36 mm in width and 32 mm in heigh, it will not hinder the handling of your gun.With a waterproof rating of IPX6, the PL-3 Valkyrie is as rugged as it needs to be.

Wether you are chosing a weaponlight for personal protection, a fun night in the outdoor range, or for clearing rooms and buildings as a police officer or a military member, the PL-3 is the best light for your needs.
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