RovyVon Angel Eyes E30 Pro EDC Flashlight 3500 Lumens

RovyVon Angel Eyes E30 Pro EDC Flashlight 3500 Lumens

Another new addition to the growing and popular “wedge style” flashlight, the E30 pro has some additional extras, including useful triple side light LEDs with a choice of emitters to suit your own needs. These side LEDs are an upgrade on the standard E30 version, and it also has a higher rated top output.

Available in Black or Marble colors.

With a choice of 3 x Warm White LED’s on the sidelight or UV/Red/White.

Main LED is dual with a built in proximity sensor to ramp down the power if it detects objects close to the lens, a useful safety feature. Top level is 3500 lumens from the main LEDs, with additional lower levels down to an ECO mode of 10 lumens.

Built in battery is high capacity similar to a regular 18650 (3000mAh), but with a slim profile to suit the design, charged via the built in Type C port, it also features a 4 stage battery/charge level indicator next to the side LED lights. Charging takes a little as 1.5 hours thanks to quick charge support. Run times are up to 67 hours for the Eco (10lm) mode.

A durable metal body, also features a stainless steel clip for a pocket/jacket or bag carry. It’s drop tested and also rated to IPX8 for full water and dust resistance.

The slim lightweight design is ideal as an EDC light, a daily driver or as a back up flashlight.

Choice of Warm White Side LEDs or White/Red/UV

Dual Cool White LED’s have TIR optical lenses built into the front to give an improved beam profile. As well as a very high 3500 lumens output, you have additional levels including, 1000/200/60/10 lumens so you have a choice of power for longer distances or lower levels when closer, or to save battery power.

Side LEDs come with a choice of 3 Warm White (4500K) great for camping or when you want a more pleasing spread out beam, or pick from the second option, with White, Red and UV LED’s. Red can be useful for night vision preservation, and UV for detecting dirt, liquids and counterfeit bank notes.

Controls are very simple Triple switch design, with a raised EDC switch, and dual stage tactical switch with instant access to Turbo. The side LEDs have their own side switch which controls the modes and output.

RovyVon Angel Eyes E30 Pro: Key Features

> Dual main LEDs with a power level up to 3500 lumens, 5 levels in total
> Body color choice of Black or Marble
> Side Triple LEDs with a choice of 3 x Warm White, or White, Red, UV.
> Easy UI with Tactical switch (dual stage), EDC switch and side switch control for side LEDs
> High capacity built in battery (3000mAh)
> Run time up to 67 hours (Eco 10 lumens mode)
> Built in proximity sensor for safely dropping power level down with close up objects
> Metal body with stainless steel clip
> USB C charging with fast charging capability (1.5 hours)
> 4 Stage LED indicator for battery and charge level
> IPX8 water and dust resistance
> Slim profile design for comfortable carrying

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