RovyVon GL7 (G2) Tactical LED Flashlight

RovyVon GL7 (G2) Tactical LED Flashlight

An updated model from RovyVon, the GL7 G2 has a number of upgrades over the G1 version, including a larger higher capacity 5000mAh 21700 battery (it is compatible with 18650 batteries too).

4 power levels range from a 1 lumen moonlight up to a powerful 2000 lumens in Turbo, with a beam distance of 300 metres in the Turbo mode.

GL7 G2 has a new 4 level battery indicator just above the side switch, and features a USB Type C charging port. The body is 1” diameter making it suitable for many weapon mounts.

RovyVon rate the GL7 G2 to IPX8 for use in harsh weather conditions, impact resistant to 1.5 metres. Size is ideal for a general purpose flashlight; 144.5mm (5.69”) length x 25.4mm (1”)  diameter, and a weight of 168.8g (5.95oz)

Range of up to 300 Metres, with 4 Power Levels and a Strobe Mode

A 6500K LED has a top output of 2000 lumens has a run time of 3 hours, and a beam distance of 300 metres, with a mixed beam making it ideal for many uses. 3 more levels are available with a high of 800 lumens, a medium of 100 lumens and a low output of 10 lumens, and a strobe mode for self defense. The GL7 G2 has mode memory to remember your last setting.

This tactical style beam is made possible with a deeper smooth highly polished reflector.

Fast charging via the USB Type C port (with a secure yet easy to use port cover), can bring the flashlight from flat to full in a little as 2.5 hours.

You will always know how much power is left in the battery, thanks to the new 4 LED indicators conveniently positioned close to the side switch 1-4 levels are shown via the Blue LED’s, with a Red one showing when the battery level is critical (under 5%)

Dual Side Switches with Quick Access to Turbo and Strobe

A classic U shape design on the tail switch gives you a momentary Turbo or Strobe mode. A full press keeps either mode on, constantly if desired.

The side switch allows you to check the battery level, cycle the modes from Low/Med/High/Turbo, and you can also turn if off with both switches. The quick access to Turbo and Strobe are desirable features for a tactical flashlight model, as is the tactical ring which is also included with this model.

The high quality body design is also very durable and features high level sealing to IPX8 to resist any water even in difficult weather conditions, in addition to this RovyVon have tested the flashlight to 1.5 metres impact resistant. It will always be your reliable tactical EDC, and yet remains quite small for a 300 metre throw model. It’s well suited for a pocket carry, law enforcement or camping.

RovyVon GL7 (G2)Key Features

> 2000 lumens with 4 power levels, and a strobe mode with a maximum range of 300 metres (Turbo), with a run time up to 118 hours (low level 10 lumens)
Compact size: 144.5mm (5.69”) length x 25.4mm (1”)  diameter, and a weight of 168.8g (5.95oz)
> Compatible with 2 Battery Types: 21700 and 18650
> Comes with a high capacity 5000mAh 21700 battery
> 1” Body diameter is compatible with most weapon mounts
> USB Type C charging port with fast charging (2.5 hours from flat to full)
> 4 Stage LED indicators for accurate battery level check
> Dual switches for quick access to strobe and turbo modes (momentary or constant), with mode memory
> High quality Aluminum alloy body – drop tested to 1.5 metres with IPX8 weather resistance
> Includes a pocket clip and tactical ring

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