RovyVon Launches Aurora A9 Pro (G4) Copper 650 lumens Keychain Flashlight

RovyVon Launches Aurora A9 Pro (G4) Copper 650 lumens Keychain Flashlight

Here is another model from RovyVon, this time featuring the much love copper, which over time ages and develops a wonderful patina. Copper is also particularly well suited for flashlights due to it’s excellent thermal properties.

Around the size of an AA battery, the RovyVon comes in two varieties. A high output model with up to 650 lumens output, and a high CRI version with a warmer tint.

You have 2 options if you wish to have Tritium fitted to the light, it is possible to have 2 blue or 2 green, adding some visual flare.

There are 4 power levels from the headling 650 lumens down to a very low moonlight mode of 0.5lm. Operation is via the large metal side switch giving you quick access to all the modes and it features a lock-out to prevent accidental operation. This flashlight is both attractive and practical, and has a higher capacity battery rated at 330mAh for increase run times.

It’s a perfect size for a pocket or keychain carry at just 60.4mm x 15.5mm (2.38” x 0.61”) length x head diameter.

Choice of 2 Emitters , 4 Power Levels with up to 650 lumens output

Giving buyers the choice of which LED type to use, ensures you can meet the needs users. The cool white emitter is designed for maximum power/range, and provides the highest output level (650 lumens), with a range of up to 110 metres using a smooth reflector for a more focus base beam, yet also providing a decent spill for closer up activities.

Alternatively RovyVon offer a special high CRI LED (rated to 90+), this has a warmer output, provides more accurate colors and tones, and some people find it easier to use for longer extended periods of time.

The cool white range from 650 lumens in High, goes down to 200 lumens Medium, with a 25 lumens Low and Moon mode of 0.5 lumens. Run times are up to 72 hours (at 0.5lm Moon).

USB C charging is convenient and fast, with the port protected by a cover to prevent dirt/dust/water entering. An LED indicator lets you know when charging is in progress, and completed.

Simple UI with Single Metal Side Switches

The UI RovyVon are using offers logital control over the modes and levels, yet also provides shortcuts to momentary mode, strobe and an important lock out (5 clicks to turn it On/Off), preventing activation when not intended. A mode memory is also present.

A9 Pro (G4) also comes with a magnetic pocket clip and base/tail buckle, so you can use it hands free by attacting it to metal objects. It’s far more than just a basic key chain flashlight, the RovyVon not only looks great thanks to the copper body, it is a very practical and useful addition for around the house, camping or hiking or at work.

Yet remains tiny enough to carry with you anywhere, with a longer battery endurance which will last longer than many alternatives in this size/price range.

It’s also weather resistant to IP65 so  you can use it in all type of conditions including heavy rain.

RovyVon Aurora A9 Pro (G4) Copper Key Features:

> 4 Power levels with up to 650 lumens output with a range of 110 metres
Choice of Cool White or High CRI emitters
Optional Tritium 2 Green or 2 Blue
Stunning Copper body with superior thermal properties and ageing patina effect
Single Metal Switch for easy UI and operation with momentary and lock-out function
Type C USB charging with charge indicators
Charge time around 1 hour
Magnetic pocket clip (removable)
Run time up to 72 hours (cool white moon mode 0.5lm)
High capacity built in battery (330mAh)
IP65 Weather resistance

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