RovyVon Launches the Aurora A8 Keychain Flashlight

RovyVon Launches the Aurora A8 Keychain Flashlight

RovyVon has announced the release of the Aurora A8 keychain flashlight with sidelights, the latest addition to their line of high-quality illumination tools. RovyVon is one company which is committed to creating innovative and reliable products that exceed customer expectations. The Aurora A8 is no exception, and it is sure to become a favorite among flashlight enthusiasts and everyday users alike.

It is the 4th generation of the Aurora A8 series, and it boasts improved performance and durability. It is made with a premium polycarbonate body and is waterproof and impact resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use.

The Aurora A8 is a compact and convenient flashlight that can be easily attached to a keychain or bag for on-the-go use. It features a powerful beam that can reach up to 180 meters and a pair of sidelights for added visibility. The flashlight also includes a USB-C charging port for easy charging and a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides a runtime of up to 72 hours on its lowest setting. The Aurora A8 is an essential tool for anyone who values quality, convenience, and versatility.

Its practical uses aside, the Aurora A8 is the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday, especially those staying in areas with inconsistent power supply. Its unique sidelights and compact size make it a standout item for anyone who loves gadgets and accessories.

The other improvement of the Aurora A8 is the hands-free magnet capability. Also, the clip and the hook can easily attach to most metal surfaces allowing for easy functionality and operation. 

Additional Information

Compact and Lightweight; The Aurora A8 weighs only 17.6 grams and measures 60.5 mm in length and 15.6 mm in diameter. That means you can easily and comfortably walk around with the flashlight inside your pocket or your backpack. 

Maximum output of 650 lumens; It uses a white LED capable of delivering an incredible 650 lumens. Whether you're a professional or just a regular user, this flashlight can best serve your needs. 

330mAh Lipo rechargeable battery; The flashlight operates on a 330mAh battery. The battery is charged via a built-in USB-C port and needs at least one hour to charge fully. Don't worry about the charging cable; in the box is a USB Type C Cable used to charge the flashlight. The Aurora A8 can operate continuously for up to 72 hours on the moonlight mode and at least 12 hours on the low white mode of the sidelight. 

One-year warranty; So you're probably worried that what if you buy the flashlight, then things go South. Well, there's some good news from RovyVon. The flashlight is backed by a one-year warranty, allowing you the opportunity to return the flashlight and request a replacement in case of technical damages within the period. 

Metal switch and hands-free magnet capability; The flashlight features a metal switch that allows for a better experience. Besides, the tail loop and the pocket clip have been integrated to allow the loop to stick to ferromagnetic surfaces. 

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