Skilhunt H200 18650 1600 lumens headlamp

Skilhunt H200 18650 1600 lumens headlamp

Offered in a choice of 3 attactive colors, Black, Green, Orange. Skilhunt are also giving users a choice of 3 types of light output.

Cool white with a higher output and longer range (6500K), Neutral White (4500K) and a Warm White (3000K), both of the warmer tints have a high CRI color rendering index giving more accurate color reproduction. The warmers outputs have a little less power, but can be useful for users who wish to have a more relaxing or pleasing light source.

In addition to the main LED’s a Red LED can be used on it’s own or in combination with the other LEDs. 2 Levers are available for the Red output.

H200 Headlamp also is powered via an 18650 battery, and has magnetic charging – simply attach to the top of the headlamp and the USB charging is both strong/secure and safe. It’s a fast charging speed up to 2 amps, and a red/blue charge indication on the charger. It can charge a cell from flat to full in around 2.5 hours (3500mAh cell).

In addition there is a 4 stage power level indicator built into the switch, showing clearly the % remaining on the battery.

The headlamp attaches to a quality headband with a quick clip system. This has reflective markings, anti slip backing and is full adjustable.

Premium grade aluminum alloy materials are used, with hardened coating to prevent marks and damage. A strong stainless steel double clip is included too.

It’s rated to IPX8 water resistance, and has been impact tested to 1 metre.

It’s a compact size of 103.7mm x 23.5mm, and a weight of just 49g (without the battery).

Choice of 3 LED outputs Cool, Neutral, Warm White with Red LED

The cool white (XP-G4) LEDs provide a power level up to 1600 lumens with 7 outputs (including a red/white) and super low of 1 lumen. Range is up to 141 metres.

The warmer LED’s trade range/power for light quality being the high CRI type made by Nichia and they have a power level of 1100 lumens (4500K) and 1000 lumens (3000K). All the LED’s have a super low mode of 1, .06 and 0.5 lumens. TIR optics provide an even light beam with excellent coverage and range.

Skilhunt have a comprehensive and useful UI which lets users pick the levels they want and some variations of those. Two turbo models can be picked, two medium, and the memory setting lets you customise the output to your own needs.

Red has an output of 120 lumens (high) or 12 lumens (low), or it can be combined with the main LED.

Skilhunt H200: Key Features

> Up to 1600 lumens output with a range of 141 metres (cool white)
> Choice of Cool White (6500K), Neutral White (4500K), and Warm White (3000K)
> Auxiliary Red LED with 2 power levels and can be used with the main LEDs
> Available in Orange Green or Black
> Quality headband with anti slip backing, quick clip design and reflective markings
> Magnetic fast USB charging with charge indicator built in (2 amp speed)
> Powered by a single 18650 battery
> Comprehensive UI with custom levels for medium/turbo, and 7 outputs with 2 red levels
> Lock out function with low voltage protection
> 4 stage battery level indicator
> TIR optical lenses
> Small form factor:  103.7mm x 23.5mm, and a weight of 49g without battery
> IPX8 Water resistant, drop tested to 1.0 metre
> High quality aluminum alloy body, with heat treated anodi

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