Skilhunt M300 V2 High Performance Flashlight

Skilhunt M300 V2 High Performance Flashlight

The M300 V2 from Skilhunt offers some notable upgrades over the first version that the company released. A higher maximum output of up to 3000 lumens (range of 283 metres with the cool white LED), with a larger higher capacity 21700 battery (5000mAh). Users will also be very interested in the choice of LEDs, a total of 4 types ranging from cool white, neutral white, high CRI and Nichia 4500K for a warmer light output. This new model also has a total of 7 power levels, giving a wide even choice of outputs. Constant current also ensures a flicker free experience.

Despite the updates, the M300 V2 remains a relatively compact body size of 120mm (4.72”) in length, with bezel diameter of 29.5mm (1.16”), a weight of 75g (2.65oz). It’s small enough to be a pocket or jacket carry.

Magnetic charging on the M300 V2 is a major feature which ensures that rapid charging is possible,  whilst helping keep the body sealing against water and dust ingress. A high quality anodized aluminum body resists marks and damage, and a weather resistance of IPX8 ensures operation even in difficult conditions.

7 Power Levels with a choice of 4 LEDs

Few flashlights have such a wide range of outputs. The usefulness of having a choice of 7 in total, is enhanced by the ability to pick two Turbo levels, and 2 lower moonlight modes. The spread is very even with no sudden jumps. It is very easy to find a setting which gives you the lumens you want. A mode memory also remembers the last setting.

There are 3 types of strobe modes on this model, ranging from a slower beacon, to a faster rapid flashing suited for self defense.

The four types of LED offer a variety of outputs, the Cree XHP50.3 is a cool white emitter with the highest output of 3000 lumens and 283 metres range. The XHP50.2 is a neutral white emitter, a variant is the XHP50.2 HD Ra90, a high CRI (color rendering index). The final LED is a Nichia 144ART. In total the color kelvins vary from 6500K (cool white), 5000K (Neutral and high CRI), 4500K (Nichia 144 ART). Power varies with the cool white having the highest output of 3000 lumens, then 2700 and 2200 lumens (Neutral white/High CRI), the warmest output via the Nichia offers a peak power level of 1900 lumens. All users are catered for, with a great range of outputs, which can offer the highest power output, or better CRI levels for improved color response.

Flexible UI with fast magnetic charging

The M300 V2 features a UI which offers instant access to the lowest levels, two turbo modes, and 3 main power outputs. In addition to this there are 3 separate strobe modes at varying speeds. A lock out feature prevents accidental activation, and the side switch is also backlit lights up when turned on for 5 seconds. Letting know exactly how much power is left via the 4 level display which goes from a constant/flashing blue, to a constant/flashing red. If you want to activate the location indicator, this flashes every few seconds making it easy to find even in darkness.

The USB magnetic charger allows quick and easy attachment, without a port cover to worry about. This charging speed of up to 2A output, capable of charging the torch from flat to full in about 3.5 hours.

Skilhunt have a premium type III hardened aluminum body, attractive blue bezel, and it is water resistant to IPX-8, and drop tested to 1 metre. Included is a useful double clip.

Skilhunt M300 V2 Key Features

> Output up to 3000 lumens with a range of 283 metres (Cool White LED)
Choice of 4 LEDs ranging from cool white to high CRI emitters (6500K/5000K/4500K)
7 Power levels, mode memory with 3 strobe modes
Compact body: 120mm (4.72”) in length, with bezel diameter of 29.5mm (1.16”), weight of 75g (2.65oz) minus battery
AR coated lens with 99% light transmission
High capacity 21700 battery (5000mAh)
Comprehensive UI with quick access Turbo/Moonlight (2 for each) and a lock out
Fast USB magnetic charging (up to 2A)
4 Stage battery indicator, location indicator
Hardened Type III Anodized aluminum body
Water resistant to IPX-8, and drop tested to 1 metre

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