Skilhunt Mix-7

Skilhunt Mix-7 Multi Color 2300 lumens Flashlight

An unusually complete flashlight from Skilhunt, the Mix-7offers many types of light sources packed into a small compact body, ideal for a pocket carry or in a small bag. Yet it has a very good output in terms of both lumens and flexibility.

With a cool white LED it’s capable of hitting 2300 lumens, for a range of 182 metres, a high CRI warm white has a top level of 1500 lumens, the RGB (red/green/blue) vary in intensity from 165lm red, 340 lumens green, and 45 lumens blue. The UV LED has a maximum power of 1000mw. Useful for identifying liquids, dirt and for forensic use.

Power source is via an 18350 Li-ion battery, this is charged by Skilhunts magnetic charging USB system, quick and easy to do. Red shows charging and blue when completed.

Skilhunt have their well known UI which features multiple power levels (such as 2 Turbo levels) for the main LEDs, it’s a flexible UI which offers quick access to strobe and the many sources too.

Body is made from durable aluminum alloy, with a stainless steel bezel for emergency use or glass breaking. It’s a solid build and will be made available in multiple different body colors.

IPX8 rated with a drop tests of 1 metre, should ensure long service life and reliability.

Such a compact size for it’s many LEDs, with a length of just 78.8mm x 32.5mm (head diameter), it has a weight of only 63.5g

Choice of Cool, Warm, RGB and UV LEDS for a complete range of light sources

Main cool white LEDs are 3 x XP-G4’s rated to 6500K, these offer the highest output of 2300 lumens, and the longest range (182 metres). 3 x Nichia 519A LED’s are high CRI with excellent color rendering and warmer tint of 4500K.

The 4 remaining ones are Red/Green/Blue, and the UV output. This lets you pick very wide range of light sources. Red and Green are widely used for nigh vision, and sometimes hunting, with the Blue also able to penetrate darkness more than it’s power output suggests. UV has many uses from finding dirt/liquids and other items which react to UV light.

The Mix – 7 has a complete output for almost every type of users, housed in a small pocket EDC friendly case, with the convenience of magnetic charging. It also comes with a clip, lanyard and spare O rings.

Skilhunt Mix-7: Key Features

  • Multiple light sources. With Cool, Warm, (high CRI), RGB (Red/Green/Blue) and UV outputs
  • A complete flashlight for multiple uses, Cool white for range, warm white for high CRI, RGB for hunting and night preservation or creative lighting, UV for inspection or detection.
  • Small size: 78.8mm x 32.5mm, with a weight of 63.5g
  • Power up to 2300 lumens with a range of 182 metres (Cool white LEDs)
  • Magnetic charging via USB with charge status indicator
  • Run time up to 180 hours (lowest output white LEDs)
  • Battery level check built into the side switch (4 stages Blue/Red)
  • Powered via a single 18350 battery
  • Low voltage protection and lock-out function
  • Innovative UI with flexlible power output levels and quick access to modes/levels
  • Aluminum alloy body with stainless steel bezel with coated hardened glass cover
  • IPX8 water and dust resistance, with a drop test of 1 metre
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