Sofirn IF24 2000 Lumens Multi output Work/Flashlight

Sofirn IF24 2000 Lumens Multi output Work/Flashlight

Moving on from the previous IF23 variant, which had a higher output, but different body design. Sofirn have made some improvements to this version in terns of the usability and ergonomics of the flashlight.

A newly designed side switch also features a magnetic rotary control switch making mode selection very simple and fast. Just rotate the switch to pick the desired mode and use the central switch/button to control the levels on each output. It also makes one handed use possibly with this flashlight.

Base or tail cap is also magnetic so that you can attach it to surfaces and use the light for work or inspections/repairs.

Main front LED light is a Luminus SST40 LED, very popular choice with it’s excellent output and efficiency (rated to 6000-6500K color temperature), up to 2000 lumens output.. Side light has an array of LED’s using a CSP1313 for a more neutral white output (5000K color temperature), and multiple RGB LEDs for various color outputs including Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet etc. Covering the color spectrum.

This can be useful not just for fun, but also using the light in different conditions where some colors might be better suited for the task at hand. This gives users a choice of spotlight (main LED), or floodlight (side COB LED)

Power is by a removable and replaceable 18650 Li-ion battery, with reverse polarity protection and overcharge/discharge protection. And it’s charged in the flashlight with a built in Type C charging port.

Strong materials are used in the contrution of the flashlight, AL6061-T6 aluminum alloy body, and it’s water resistant, and drop tested for reliability.

Slim and compact with a size of 126mm x 27.5mm x 24.5mm (length x width x depth), it’s an ideal companion for around the house, workshop or as a back up flashlight.

Sofirn IF24: Key Features

> Multiple light sources, main front LED, side light, RGB side lighting
> Spotlight from Main LED, floodlight from side LED
> Up to 2000 lumens output from the main front SST40 LED
> Newly designed switch with magnetic/rotary control for simple mode selection > Powered via a single 18650 battery
> Over charge/discharge protection built in
> Magnetic tail cap for use as a working light
> Stainless steel clip for attaching to a bag or pocket carry
> Slime profile: 126mm x 27.5mm x 24.5mm size
> Premium 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy body, drop tested and waterproof
> Type C charging port

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