Introducing Sofirn IF30 Spot & Floodlight high power 12000 lumens flashlight

Introducing Sofirn IF30 Spot & Floodlight high power 12000 lumens flashlight

High performance is the key to this flashlight offering from Sofirn, with a new powerful model that boasts a floodlight and spotlight combined into a single body.

The IF30 floodlight has a wide beam with up to 12000 lumens power, with 2500 lumens output off the middle LED which can reach up to 685 metres distance.

It’s powered by a high capacity rechargeable Li-ion 32650 battery, this is rated to 6500mAh and is much higher in capacity then many smaller cells, giving you longer run times, up to 280 hours on low mode (10 lumens).

It is charged via a type C connection, this common connector is used on many devices, and in this case Sofirn have given it fast charging capability. Up to 120W charge and a maximum of 3A. It can also be used as a power bank for phones and other devices, giving you a convenient power source on the go.

It’s also controlled via a unique rotary switch which lets you cycle between spot and floodlight modes, and control the levels.

A clever auto locking features locks the flashlight out after it’s turned off after 15 seconds, so that it’s prevented from coming on by accident, a useful safety feature to have.

Made with high quality aluminum alloy AL6061-T6, with a hardened anodised coating to prevent marks and damage. With a strong stainless steel bezel and plenty of body knurling for superior grip.

Size of the IF30 flashlight is 129mm x 62.4mm (length x diameter), and a weight of 263g (no battery). Despite the extreme power, this model is relatively compact and isn’t heavy.

Dual output 12000 and 2500 lumens (flood/spot), 685m range, with rotary switch control

This powerful flashlight features 12 x TN-3535 LEDs for the floodlight beam, and 1 x SFT40 LED for the spotlight. A powerful combination gives users the benefit of a wide high performance beam, capable of illumination a large area, and a longer distance beam which can light up quite some distance, up to 685 metres, a very respectable distance and useful for search and rescue or security. Spotlight beam angle is 6 degrees, with a 70 degree angle on the floodlight.

The top level of 12000 lumens is available in the floodlight mode, with a maximum output of 2500 for the spotlight. Multiple power levels are available including a low mode of 10 lumens.

Simple UI is made possible with a very well implemented rotary switch. Fast and intuitive control over the flashlight modes and power levels.

Thermal controls are built into this model, ensuring safe operation and low voltage protection prevents the battery for over discharging. A low voltage indicator is present too, alerting users when the cell is in need of a charge.

Sofirn IF30 Key Features:

> Dual Spotlight and Floodlight output, with up to 12000 or 2500 lumens
> Range up to 685 metres (Spotlight mode)
> 12 x TN-3535 LEDs for the floodlight, and 1 x SFT40 LED for spotlight
> High quality rechargeable Li-ion 32650 battery, with a large 6500mAh capacity.
> Size: 129mm x 62.4mm (length x diameter), and a weight of 263g (no battery)
> Rotary switch UI control for modes and power levels
> Run time up to 280 hours (low 10 lumens mode)
> Type C charging port with up to 120W, 3A power for fast charging
> Power bank function for phones and other devices
> Automatic lock-out function
> Hardened glass cover with anti reflective coatings
> Low battery level light
> Advanced temperature management, and over discharge protection
> Dust and water resistance
> Premium quality AL6061-T6 aluminum alloy body with stainless steel bezel

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