Sofirn Launches LT1S Pro Camping Lantern With Multi Light Output & Powerbank

Sofirn Launches LT1S Pro Camping Lantern With Multi Light Output & Powerbank

Here is a neat and interesting offering from Sofirn, their new Camping Lantern the LT1S Pro, has a number of very useful and appealing features. Firstly the 3 different lighting modes on this model, A cool white, warm white and red output.

They are also using the Anduril 2.0 user interface, which has many custom functions allowing you to tweak the operation and output to your own needs.

The diffuser is 360 degrees giving an even spread of light output in all directions.Yet it also has a build in power bank function too, so you will never be left without power on your other devices like your phone.

It is powered via a large capacity 21700 rechargeable battery (5000mAh), this common cell is easy to replace too, or carry a spare with you. It can last up to 6 days at the lowest output.

Made for use in tough conditions, the LT1S Pro is shock, water and dust resistant and features an easy to clean body shape to help maintain long tern use. It’s also made from aluminum alloy.It’s small enough to carry around without taking up much space, at just 97mm x 68mm, and a weight of 257g (no battery).

3 Sources of output with new enhanced Nichia LEDs

Sofirn are using a new range of LEDs in this model.First off the Nichia 519A x 4 are rated to a warmer output of 2700K with another 4 rated to 5000K. And the SST20 LEDs (660mn) x 4.

The Nichia LEDs are high CRI ones, and better able to show natural colors at night, where many normal CRI ones would tend to wash them out. Many users find high CRI to be more comfortable to use for extended time periods. The cooler white tends to give out a higher output and brightness, and is useful for when this might be more important.

Red output is well liked for it’s ability to help preserve night vision.With these 3 distinct lighting modes you have a flexible and capable camping lantern. And of course a mode memory is present too.

Anduril 2.0 UI for flexible operation

For users who want a more in depth experience the Anduril 2.0 UI offers extensive customisation, including levels, output range and modes of operation. This open source UI has long been popular with flashlight and lighting enthusiasts due to it’s ability to let users tweak settings as they wish.

However, simple operation is also something many people want, and here the UI can also be selected for a very easy and clear operation too.

In short you have the best of both worlds, complete and in depth or easy and simplistic. The choice is down to the user.

Long run times are made possible with the large capacity 21700 battery, rated to 5000mAh, you can run the lantern for up to 6 days. The built in type C port for charging also have a 4 stage battery level indicator, and features a power bank function for charging devices too.

A quality aluminum body is water/shock/dust protected and can be relied upon in many weather conditions, even harsh and heavy rainfall will be no problem for the LT1S.

Sofirn LT1S Pro Key Features:

> 3 Light sources, Cool White, Warm White and Red for ultimate flexibility
High CRI Nichia 519A LEDs can provide a more natural color
Smooth 360 degree diffused light, perfect for lighting up large areas and camping
Anduril 2.0 UI which can be simple or advanced in use, depending on the users needs
Powered via a 21700 battery, with a run time up to 6 days
Small portable size: 97mm x 68mm, weight of 257g (without battery)
Type C charging port with up to 3A 5V charging, with power bank function
Battery level indicator
Sturdy build, aluinum alloy body is water resistant, dust resistant and drop proof

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