Speras U2T 5000 Lumens Bike Light with Wireless Control

Speras U2T 5000 Lumens Bike Light with Wireless Control

A rugged well made bike light with a powerful output, the U2T can also be used as a hand held flashlight, and features a built in clip for attaching to a pocket or the supplied bike mount.

Choice of 2 colors a traditional black, and a green/black.

A range of power levels to suit all users, from a low ECO mode of 12 lumen, up to the top Turbo level of 5000 lumens. Range is quoted at 340 metres with the Turbo mode. 2 strobe modes are also included.

The U2T Bike Light is also compatible with a remote USB-C trigger switch, and wireless control switch (available separately).

It features built in 2 x 18650 rechargeable cells, with a total capacity of 6400mAh, and has fast USB-C charging and power bank functionality for charging phones and other devices. (up to 5V 3A speed). Charging times are fast around 2.25 hours, and run times are quoted up to 150 hours (in ECO mode 12 lumens).

Strong premium aluminum alloy (6061 type hardened for wear resistance) on the main case material, it is rated to IP68 water resistance (up to 2 metres submersion), and drop tested to 1.5 metres.

Size is 107mm x 43mm x 23.9mm (length x width x height), and a weight of 221g (includes built in battery pack).

5 output levels with special strobe modes, unique rotating switch

Triple Luminus SST40 LEDs are combined with a smooth reflector, to give a very balanced beam with a wide spread and capable range.

5 levels range from 12 lumens, 180/500/2000 lumens, and the Turbo mode of 5000 lumens. With 2 special strobe modes for emergency signalling, normal strobe and SOS (5000 lumens and 500 lumens).

UI is well catered for with dual switched, the main base/tail power switch can also rotated around 360 degrees or pressed in. For turning On/Off and to change modes or access to strobe. Side switch is backlit with a built in LED for power level/charge indicators, and can also power it on and off, and change modes etc.

The optional wired and wireless remotes can plug into the USB C port. Ideal for use on a bike.

Speras U2T - Key Features

> 5 power levels with a top Turbo mode of 5000 lumens, and a range of 340 metres
> 3 x Luminus SST40 LEDs
> Choice of Black or Green colors
> 2 Special strobe modes, Strobe and SOS
> Suitable for bike mounting (mount included) or handheld use as a flashlight
> Built in 2 x 18650 batteries (6400mAh) for long run times up to 150 hours (ECO 12lm)
> Supports fast charging via USB-C and power bank functionality (5V 3A Max)
> Strong clip and bike mount
> Optional Wired remote or Wireless Remote
> Battery level indicator and charge indicators
> Dual switches with rotating 360 degree main switch
> Aluminum alloy body, IP68 Water resistance (2 metres) and drop tested to 1.5 metres

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