Streamlight LiteBox and FireBox High Performance 1500 Lumens Industrial Flashlights

Streamlight LiteBox and FireBox High Performance 1500 Lumens Industrial Flashlights

Yes a total of 6 models from Streamlight with this series, with some variations to suit every particular need, they are designed to be used in working and industrial locations, and have a rugged body design that is made to endure all types of conditions. Available in Orange and Yellow colors.

All have articulating heads (swivel 90 degree) so you can direct the light as you need.

E-Spot models (longer range beam 663 metres) include 3 variations:
> E-Spot LiteBox is the standard offering with the normal features
> E-Spot LiteBox Power Failure System has a sensor which automatically turns on the light if the power goes out
> E-Spot FireBox has 2 strong blue LED’s on the tail so it can be seen from a long distance from behind

E- Flood uses the wider flood beam (137 metres) and 3 variants:
> E-Flood LiteBox – Standard version
> E-Flood LiteBox - Power Failure System, as above has the auto sensor which turn on in the event of a power failure.
> E-Flood FireBox – Dual blue LED’s on the tail area for visibility and safety.

The body design is shared across the models, with 2 power levels 1500 lumens and 350 lumens. High impact thermoplastic for strong build and bright colors for high visibility, with a large oversized handle for carrying even with thick gloves on. A big push button switch and power indicator ensure ease of use.

Battery is powered by a replaceable high capacity 5200mAh Li-ion battery pack.

The 2 models other than the Power Failure variants, have both standard and vehicle system options. The standard has a shoulder strap, AC/DC power adapters, and a charging rack. With the vehicle one has the shoulder strap and vehicle mountable rack. These options are ideal for work deployment and regular use.

With Streamlights limited lifetime warranty, long service is ensured, they are all rated to IPX4 weather resistance for use in all type of weather including rain. They are 284mm x 127mm x 163mm in size, with a weight of 1.389KG with the battery pack.

Choice of Spotlight or Floodlight with 3 variations for each

For both E-Spot and E-Flood models there are two power levels, a low of 350 lumens and a high of 1500 lumens. Run times are impressive, with 7.5 hours on the lower level, with 17.75 hours for the higher output of 1500 lumens. 4 LEDs improve the profile of the beam and ensure optimal output.

E-Spot – Longer range beam ideal for distances and security, search/rescue. Beam has a distance of 663 meters in high and, 316 metres in low.

E-Flood – Well suited for inspections, or closer up work where a wider diffused even beam gives a large area of spread. Range is 137 metres for high, and 63 metres for low.

Candela ratings are E-Spot – 110,00cd (High). 25,000 (Low).

E-Flood – 4700cd (High), 1000cd (Low).

This unique selection of models gives users multiple options which can be useful for specific tasks, hooks allow you to attach the quick release or heavy duty strap, and with a comprehensive selection of items including mounting docks and locking devices. You can set up a system with multiple lights, batteries, charging stations and make an organised system for operation. Each light has it’s own serial number so it can be recorded.

Charging times are around 5 hours, using the available power supplies.

Streamlight LiteBox and FireBox – Key Features

> Two power levels with a Highest output of up to 1500 lumens and a lower level of 350 lumens
> Choice of E-Spot (663m range) or E- Flood (137 metres)
> Range of 3 models per series Standard, Power Failure, and Blue LED Tail Firebox
> Choice of 2 colors Orange/Yellow
> Articulating 90 degree head
> Standard and vehicle system options with charging racks
> Charging time around 5 hours
> High capacity replaceable 7.4V 5200mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
> Quick release/heavy duty straps available
> IPX4 Weather resistance
> Limited lifetime warranty
> Long run times: 7.5 hours (High 1500 lumens), 17.75 hours (Low 350 lumens)
> High visibility high impact thermoplastic body materials
> Size of:  284mm x 127mm x 163mm in size, weight 1.389KG

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