Streamlight TLR-6 HL Series Weapon Lights

Streamlight TLR-6 HL Series Weapon Lights

Two variants for this new release from Streamlight, both of which are compact weapon lights with built in laser lights to improve aim accuracy. With 2 colors to pick from, Black, Flat Dark Earth.

HL-G flashlight has the White light and Green Laser output, standard HL has the Red Laser beam. There is a higher run time with the Red output (up to 9 hours, with up to 5 hours on the Green).

Main white LED can reach up to 130 metres distance, with the design of this model being small compact body size, minimal weight, but at 300 lumens from the main white LED it can still provide a good beam for weapon use.

Battery is via a Streamlight SL-B2 battery, this rechargeable cell can be replaced (3 are supplied), and it comes with a USB-C charging case. So you can charge two cells at the same time and have spare power available. Cell can be replaced with the light on the weapon.

Standard rail mount with compatibility with Glock/Sig/Smith and Wesson handguns (list of compatible items is available).

It’s impact tested to 1 metre drop distance, and has seals to resist waster and dust ingress.

Body material is made from high grade impact resistant polymer, this tough material is ideal for this light, which has been engineered for strength, and it’s light weight makes the unit add little to the weapon. And it’s small size of 6.35cm x 2.16cm x 3.96cm (length x width x height), is a bonus too. It’s only 31.8g including battery.

300 lumens output with Red/Green Laser for accurate aiming, dual handed operation

Main white LED can reach 300 lumens for a range of 130 metres, with the Red/Green laser options, (you can use both the main light or the laser, or a combination of both).

Run times are 20 mintutes using the LED only (or combination mode), and the Green/Red runs from 5 to 9 hours on Red.

Main switch control can be used with either hand, this gives you ambidextrous control over the light, and the low profile contoured body is a great match for most weapon types. Elevation and wind adjustment screws are present and mounted in bushings.

Streamlight TLR-6 HL Series: Key Features

> Main White LED with 300 lumens output and a range of 130 metres
> Red or Green Laser light (can be used in combination with main LED)
> Available in 2 colors, Black, Flat Dark Earth
> Ambidextrous switch design can be used with either handguns
> Run time main LED/Combined up to 20 minutes, 5 or 9 hours (Green/Red Laser)
> Fits many handguns including Glock/Sig/Smith & Wesson (see compatibility list)
> 3 rechargeable batteries supplied with USB C charging bay
> Low profile size, lightweight design - 6.35cm x 2.16cm x 3.96cm. Weight 31.8g (with battery)
> Made from impact resistant tough polymer for a strong yet lightweight construction
> Impact tested to 1 metre

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