Tactical flashlight another new star debut-TK22TAC, hard core strength, strong attack

Tactical flashlight another new star debut-TK22TAC, hard core strength, strong attack

When it comes to Fenix tactical flashlights, almost everyone in the circle knows that, as the vane of the industry, whenever there is a new product on the market, it will cause an uproar. Today, the Fenix Tactical Flashlight family introduces a new member, the TK22 TAC Tactical Flashlight. It not only inherits the excellent quality of Fenix tactical flashlight in the past, but also makes a series of improvements and optimizations.


Hard-core strength, highlight and long-range shooting are more durable

Fenix TK22TAC is positioned as a police service flashlight, which is equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery ARB-L21-5000U that can be directly charged (in addition, it is equipped with a USB Type-C battery charging cable, and the battery can be cycled), providing the most favorable guarantee for lasting life. In addition, it has a high brightness output of 2800 lumens and a strong long-range shooting capability of 540 meters. The advantage of large-capacity batteries is that they significantly enhance the endurance, with a maximum endurance of more than 49.5 hours per charge, fully meeting the needs of duty, patrol, search and tactics.

Strong and stable, silent and anti-interference

When carrying out missions, the stability of tactical flashlights is very important, and the stability of TK22TAC is reflected in its design. The tail adopts the mechanical disc design in one continuous line, and at the same time adds the anti-interference design, so that the tactics are not disturbed by the magnetic field, and the whole process is smooth without future trouble. The unique switch design allows you to hold it with one hand without pressure, which fits the operation lines of the human palm and makes you feel comfortable. The silencing design of the switch can light the flashlight silently, highlighting the tactical advantages.

Precision makes tactics simple and efficient

In the combat mode, it supports one-key extremely bright and flash operation, and calmly copes with the high-pressure tactical environment;
In the service mode, 4 levels of dimming, with memory function, also support a key flash operation, fully meet the daily service law enforcement needs;
In service mode and tactical mode, you can quickly turn on the flash function by pressing it again for 0.8 seconds. The strong light of the flash can make the target blind and dizzy for a short time, so that you can quickly seize the battle opportunity!


Ingenious design, say goodbye to accidental touch from now on

The anti-touch design of TK22TAC makes it easy to lock with one turn. With its lightweight body of only 156 grams, it is easier to operate under a fully comfortable grip. What is a little different from the previous tactical flashlight is its three locking effects! ① Carry and lock: lock the button when it is not lit, which can ensure that it will not be touched and lit by mistake when carrying; ② Gear locking: lock the button when it is always on, which can avoid touching the gear shift by mistake and ensure the continuous lighting of the current gear; ③ Flash locking: lock the key in the flash state to avoid pushing out the flash state by mistake.

Break through the bottleneck and break free.

TK22TAC adopts the APF technology platform innovatively developed by Fenix to realize the simultaneous transmission of working current and control signal with a single cylinder. Completely break the restriction of the tail switch on the tactical flashlight, and truly realize the tactical requirements and applications of small stature, high brightness, anti-interference, etc.

So what is APF? Its full name is "Advanced Pulse Frequency Transmission System", developed by Fenix Laboratory, which breaks through the technical bottleneck of tactical flashlight and brings four advantages:
① Higher brightness, easily exceeding 3000 lumens, giving full play to the advantages of LED;
(2) that size is small, and the battery is more universal;
(3) It has stronger anti-jamming capability in high-pressure combat environment;
④ Realize multi-switch and multi-function control.


Flexible and reliable for harsh environments

TK22TAC can be flexibly matched with various gun clips, wire control switches and batons to meet various use scenarios, showing its flexibility and tolerance. By adopting the structural design of front and rear double springs, the spring and the battery are always kept in a fit state, the possibility of instantaneous power failure due to shooting and other strong impact States is avoided, and the reliability is greatly improved;

The fuselage is made of high-hardness aluminum alloy, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and has passed the IP68 and 1.5-meter drop test. Even in the -35 ℃ environment, the water depth of 2 meters can still operate as usual! Waterproof, dustproof, anti-fall, anti-cold, anti-heat, truly for the harsh environment.
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