Introducing Thrunite Archer UV Compact AA Flashlight

Introducing Thrunite Archer UV Compact AA Flashlight

This custom version of the popular Archer series or flashlights has a UV emitter in place of the regular LED. This makes it ideally suited for use where a UV output is required.

UV is particularly popular for forensics, where is can show up liquids/spills, dirt and other potentially useful items, not normal visible to the human eye.

Optical power of the Archer UV is 720mW, with a wavelength of 365nm.

Run times are up to 45 minutes with an AA battery (not supplied). AA cells are very common and easy to get hold of, including alkaline or rechargeable ones (Ni-MH), you will always find a power source around.

Using the quality aluminum alloy body, the same as the other Archer flashlights, this one has the premium AL6061-T6 material, and is hardened with the type III andodized finish to ensure long term durability and resisting marks and damage.

It’s drop tested to 1.5 meters, and is rated to IPX7 water and dust resistance, it can be used even in harsh weather and rain without any problems.

Compact in size it’s perfect for an EDC carry or as part of a kit bag where it will take up almost no space. It’s just 75mm x 18.5mm (length x diameter), with a weight of 41g.

Thrunite Archer UV Key Features

> High performance UV LED with a power rating of 720mW
> UV Wavelength: 365nm
> Smooth reflector with hardened glass cover
> Simple rotating head UI for On/Off just twist the head
> Ideal for law enforcement or forensics use
> Uses AA power source, Ni-MH (rechargeable) or single use Alkaline cells
> Fine knurled body for superior grip even in wet conditions
> Compact size: 75mm x 18.5mm (length x diameter), weight of 41g
> Run time up to 45 minutes (AA cell)
> Premium AL 6061-T6 aluminum alloy body with anodized finish for strength and durability
> IPX7 weather resistance, with a drop test rating of 1.5 metres

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