Thrunite T1S V2: A Powerful 1212 lumens output 18350 EDC Flashlight

Thrunite T1S V2: A Powerful 1212 lumens output 18350 EDC Flashlight

A new addition to the ever growing Thrunite range, this new T1S V2 has a powerful 1212 lumens output, in a small body size which very pocket friendly and ideal for EDC use.

Available in 3 colors: Black, Green, and Tan.With the option of Cool or Neutral White LED’s – Cool white has more output, compared to the Neutral White with a warmer tint and improved color reproduction.

Thrunite have either a Step-less mode or a stepped 5 power levels on the T1S V2, from a tiny output of 0.5 lumens firefly, up to a blazing 1212 lumens in Turbo. Quite a punch considering the modest size of this flashlight. It has a range up to 184 metres (Turbo 1212), and a run time up to 27 days (firefly 0.5lm) with a strobe mode rated to 1080 lumens.

It’s powered by an 18350 rechargeable Li-ion battery with a good capacity rating of 1100mAhm charged internally in the flashlight via a USB C port. This port also has a charge indicator showing you when it’s charging and completed.

For those who might want to use this as an EDC working light, you can attach it to metal surfaces with the built in magnetic tail, this gives you hands free operation if you need to use it like this.

Made from premium aluminum alloy materials (AL 6061-T6) with a hard anodised coating up to type III spec, protects the body from marks and damage.

Tested to IPX8 with up to 2 metres water submersion, it has also been drop tested to 1.5 metres.Small enough for any pocket or bag, the tiny flashlight is just 69.5mm x 26.5mm x 22mm (length x head x body diameter), and a mere 41.5g (no battery).

Stepped or Steppless modes with a simple and intuitive UI

Using the popular SST-40 LED, you can pick between a Stepped mode with 5 preset power levels for quick operation. Or you can use the Step-less mode giving you a very fine degree of control over the output. It also  have shortcuts to firefly/turbo/strobe and a mode memory.

With 1212 lumens available in the Turbo mode, this tiny flashlight hits 184 metres in distance thanks to the TIR optical lens design which is made to provide an optimal beam giving a blend of distance and spread, with an even spread and larger diffused hotspot.

The convenience of a built in type C charging port with charge level LED indicators, a simple UI with a well positioned side switch, removable double clip. And a stainless steel bezel, the T1S V2 is a great option for those who want excellent performance from a small and compact flashlight. Run time are notable improved over 16340 models, thanks to the larger capacity battery (18350), but without adding much size of weight.

Thrunite T1S V2 Key Features

> Powerful yet compact flashlight with a Turbo output of 1212 lumens and a range of up to 184 metres
> Choice of Stepped or Step-less modes, with 5 preset levels, or infinite variable levels with a memory function and strobe
> Comes in 3 colors, Black, Green or Tan
> Choice of Cool or Neutral White LEDs
> Small pocket friendly size: 69.5mm x 26.5mm x 22mm (length x head x body diameter), and 41.5g (without battery)
> High capacity 18350 battery (1100mAh)
> Run time up to 27 days (firefly 0.5lm)
> Type C charging port with charge indicator
> Simple UI with lock-out and shortcuts for Turbo/Strobe/Firefly
> Magnetic base, use it for work or around the home hands free
> TIR optical lens for optimal beam output
> AL 6061-T6 Aluminum body with stainless steel bezel
> IPX8 water and dust resistant (up to 2 metres water depth), with a drop test of 1.5 metres

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